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  1. If you were renting a one bed place on your own then you would probably get more. But I would definitely get a second opinion. They can & do get it wrong. They messed my claim up royally. Cost me 1200 pounds. I cancelled my claim the day before the newest award letter arrived after a review, & it looks like they STILL have it wrong! Whoever did my claim 2 years ago must have been on something, 2 big time mistakes, but even now they have only spotted one of them, my sister has spotted the other. At the moment I am so glad I came off the thing! So yes, they can mess up, quite a bit. Maybe ask for an appointment with someone higher up & explain the situation. It does sound harsh on your friend doesn't it.
  2. Yeh I know, son wants to do atleast a year in 6th form, but I think my daughter wants out as soon as she can! lol so she will start the apprenticeship sooner (or not as the case may be as she cant leave school until a year later now) I dont know if that means they do a compulsory 6th form or they have just tagged another year on the end of school life.
  3. Thanks for the replys. Yes, I am going to steer both of mine towards aprenticeships if I can, son in IT, he is nearly 16 & daughter into hair & beauty, she has just turned 14. So son is looking to do a year at 6th form this year & daughter is just choosing her options for september. So both quite important years. Poor daughter cant leave school until she is 17 now, or is it 18? She was the first year that the leaving age changed. So will be amongst the first to be there longer. Might not be a bad thing though. It is a bit of worry that EMA has stopped, but hopefully I will be able to work nights so I can at least get son to schoo as they dont always do the regular school hours do they in 6th form. Otherwise it's 2 bus trips each way, about 3 pounds a day each way!
  4. CBA not everyone is on the breadline like us & are probably out on a saturday. I'm sure you'll get a reply from someone that is in the know, maybe tomorrow. Sounds rough what you're having to put up with from your JC x
  5. so sorry to hear that Imrys My dog is called Rosie. Why does everything always seem to happen at once xxxx
  6. What happens once your children get older, I mean, I know that you still get child benefit, CSA when they stay on at school or college. Once they start an apprenticeship after that for instance, do those stop? Tax credits have already told me to let them know later in the year if my son does go into 6th form (fingers crossed they will acept his application) but what happens to the rest? x
  7. Ring them witholding number, because I know what you mean, they're all scaring the beejesus out of everyone at the moment because they have lost the ability to treat people genuinely making a mistake & criminal differently. But If you do get free legal advice I would also double check with them too.
  8. Never been on JSA myself, but I assume if you get a job & claim tax credits, even if it's a short term one, you wouldn't be entitled to JSA anymore? I dont know though, as I said, not been on it. I know my brother could work 15 hours a week once but he was on INCAP at the time. Glad you got it sorted today though Missyme.
  9. That is brilliant news! Glad you got it all sorted. Paty time for you this weekend then! I wish our council offices were that good. And that I could trust them. My claim once I went back to work 2 years ago was a complete mess up, partly my own doing of course, partly theirs, but I just cant face claiming anything from them anymore. Just been working money out, & weighing up whether I should ask to work nights at work, doing 4 extra hours nightshift than the amount of hours I do now on dayshift, will give me an extra 20 pounds a week, after tax credits will go down obviously. Still only gives me & the kids 150 a week for food & clothes after everything is paid. But people live on worse dont they. And I could do a few car boot sales to at least keep a couple of hundred in the bank in case my car breaks down. x Just got a rent increase from april letter from my housing assosiation. I think I am going to get very very drunk tomorrow night to celebrate I would tonight if I wasn't up for work tomorrow at 4..
  10. I never get that bit, because they can dip into anyones bank whenever they please. Oh apparently they need a good reason to suspect fraud, but from what I have read on here, that's slightly stretching the truth, they can actually get permission easy peasy, if they really do need permission at all. There really is no such thing as privacy anymore i'm afraid. Especially if we claim anything in the form of credits & benefits. We sign the privacy right (& our dignity) away when we claim them. What a nightmare all this is for you, life is so hard at times isn't it. I sure hope you get it sorted & you'll let everyone know what happens. There are so many threads where the OP never came back, I wonder what happened to them.
  11. It has definitely definitely got worse ten fold, & it'll be because they want to stamp out benefit fraud, & also because they want to get as much money back as they can now the country is in a mess. Both reasons I can understand. What I dont like is the way people seem to be treated all the same, fraudster/mistake maker, both treated the same way. Even when initially any investigator could see where an innocent mistake MAY have happened, & where a blatant fraud has been commited, before they even call the person in for the interview. Well they should be able to anyway! I think if progress these days does deter a lot more fraud, then it's a good thing, hopefully one day it'll be rare anyone tries fraud, as they'll know they're very unlikely to get away with it. Then just maybe people that make genuine mistakes will be treated better than they are at the moment.
  12. I dont blame you, they obviously dont think of things like other benefits. Why cant they just inform each other of changes automatically. I know it would cost money I guess, but if they keep changing everything all the time we might as well camp outside the councils door! You should have seen the paperwork of all the overpayments I had over the last 2 years. One week I had only been overpaid about a pound, another week it was a tenner. It fluctuated pretty much once a month atleast, when I hadn't been paid sick, when we got a bonus when I started my works pension. So glad I am off the housing benefit rollercoaster at the moment. Just hoping I can afford to stay off. Time will tell..
  13. Ok, just had a look on my online banking, as I get my tax credits on a thursday & I got a pound LESS this week, than last week. Weird lol
  14. I did get a 2 pounds a week increase a few weeks ago, which annoyed me a bit because they dont tell you do they, & housing benefit had me down as the 2 quid less! So I rang tax credits week or so ago & asked what it's about. I still dont really understand, but they said something about I must have earned slightly less last year so they have adjusted it, nothing to worry about. Haven't had any extra payments though.
  15. That's good that your partner doesn't have to give any info, that's how it should always have been! What gives them the right to take 80 out of 400? Well, if the parent with care of the children is better off than the absent one, then I think it's tight, yes. BUT if the parent with care is on a low wage also then yes it's fair. Otherwise who will pay for these children? I also sometimes think it could also depend on who ended the relationship. But that'll never happen, would be too complex to police. I remember mentioning money to my ex once years ago, that was when I didn't see any of it anyway as I was on income support & we didn't even see a tenner of it back then, he kicked off & said 'well you wanted out! I would have been happy here forever!" Well, yes, deep down I know he did have a bit of a point, & it wasn't as if he done anything wrong, I just fell out of love with him. But anyway, you didn't come on here to hear other peoples stories. Would be interested to hear how it goes for you. If for example they do take that much per week off you, was you not spending that much with the old arrangement? Holidays aren't cheap, & I know my 2 cost more than 65 a week to bring up, probably is double that, especially when they are teens! which works out fair I guess. I wasn't aware that you still had to pay maintenance for an 18 year old that isn't in further education though?
  16. But she is paying back something that she probably doesn't owe? It boils my blood to be honest the way they pluck these over payment figures out of thin air by the sounds of it! She doesn't deserve to go to prison for not declaring that someone that contributes nothing whatsoever towards the household has moved in. Fraud is when someone fails to declare something that would mean they get less benefit. By the sounds of it she wouldn't have got less benefit, they may even have got more! So they would have a hard job prosecuting her let alone put her in prison, see what I mean? If all they have to go on so far is her admitting he moved in, but he didn't have a pot to p in anyway, what grounds are they basing this overpayment & defrauding the system? The fact is probably more likely that the guy has cost her MORE moving in with her. Not meaning to be nasty, but he sounds like he's been a bit of liability to me! We've all had one like that at some point though haven't we. It all sounds too bizarre at the moment, & if they cant get any definate evidence of her receiving more money than she was entitled to, I cant see them taking it to court. It's not up to those people interviewing her anyway. It's up to someone higher up. They need more than they appear to have. The solicitor sounds worrying, but it doesn't sound like she has a benefit solicitor. That's as much use as a chocolate sauepan.
  17. You'll need to stop buying them clothes etc, that's what the maintenance will be for. I dont ask my ex for anything, he pays 270 a month for 2 teens. Through the CSA straight out his wages. In theory that's his bit done isn't it. If you live with someoen they will want to know her income too. My ex refused to give his girlfriends details, I didn't push it because I dont believe she should have to pay for our kids. The fact your ex works should be taken into account really, although it probably depends what she earns. I know when my sister struggled to get a bean out of her ex due to him earning very little, when one of the girls went to live with the dad for about a year, my sis had to pay him maintenance because her & her hubby worked full time! So it's not ALWAYS in favour of the main parent, but does seem to be the majority of the time. You may find it ends up that you will be paying less than you did before on the things you said you already pay for!
  18. Not understanding the letters they send & assuming the staff actually know what they're doing? I was reading an article earlier about our council & the report from the people that inspect the councils ability (not sure what the right word is) & one of our bad points were the award letters not being clear enough to understand. I doubt it'll change anytime soon.
  19. That bit concerns me, why does she know she deserves to go to prison if she hasn't done anything wrong?
  20. I would be interetsetd to know how they came to the figure of 20k overpayment. I mean, if they are saying she shouldn't have had any of that benefit at all for a length of time, they must have a reason to think she wasn't entitled, & to prosecute her they must have some sort of proof surely? If they think she was working they would need to know how much she is earning, if a guy was living there they would need to know how much he was earning. Is your friend telling you everything? I understood that everything that is said to her about it, interviews etc, needs to be said to her solicitor too, why would her solicitor be telling her she is likely to go to prison? If you google benefit fraud stories I think out of about 50 I read about so far only 2 went to prison. These were people that had properties they owned undeclared, people that had used fake names, big time fraud, of many many thousands over a lot of years. And not a first offense. I also have heard of people like this not going to prison. Couples that pretend to live apart & claim 2 lots of benefit for 2 different homes, but actually lived together. They didn't go to prison. They all got ciminal records, they all had to pay it back & all got fines, suspended sentences & conditional discharges, but unless there is a lot more to this story, I would be flumoxed if a single mum was put in prison for benefit fraud. Scaremongering is just plain cruel.
  21. You're right bossy you aren't ya lol
  22. If you're a benefit assesor can you tell me why my change of circs claim (new job, ok within a few weeks but still did my bit updating them) wasn't done properly then? I did everything I was aksed. Should they have asked for another payslip? The compliance officer did say they could have asked me for a second payslip, but ultimately they dont have to & it's up to me to provide another because it's usually based on 2? Did me moving to a new job confuse them? I am just worried if I dispute this they will then turn bout & start accusing me of fraud & decide to prosecute, have heard of this happening, even after people have agreed to pay it back.
  23. Well, I ant help you with most of your question, but I was informed by leter from the CSA a couple of years back that my ex partners income had been re assessed, but he wasn't willing to provide details of his now partners income. I never heard anymore, & I assume they gave up & did the assesment based on his income alone. They didn't give anymore details than that. I dont personallt feel his girlfriend who is a nice lady, should pay towards our children, she had 2 mid teens of her own with them at the time. So I accept 270 a month & it has been the same for the last 2 years. The CSA will do the absoluteminimum work they can, I even thought they were gone & someone else took over? But I dont know what happened there. I also get very sparodic (if that's the word) payments, it can be every month then every 6 weeks, but they take it out his wages as he did go through a spell of not paying & ended up owing them a lot (I was on income support then so didn't see any of it anyway) We get on fine & he sees my 2 every other weekend, & I dont have any desire to rock the boat. It's his companys fault that payments are sometimes late. And they are the NHS!
  24. Ok cool, I will do mine by phone this year then, didn't realise they recorded all the calls. Thanks for that x
  25. Hi hun, yeh, I see what you're saying, & I did think it through, but the way it stands now is I had already decided not long after the compliance officer rang me a few days later to tell me what the overpayment was, & how it had happened, that I was going to tell them where to shove their housing benefit lol to put it politely. So I cancelled housing benefit by email, checked the following day over the phone they had received my email (because it seems it's below them to even bother sending an aknowledgment reply email) Then I rang the overpayment dept doing the right thing to notify them it wouldn't be paid back through ongoing benefits. I was then told the agreed rate no longer applies as I wont be getting the benefit anymore, so the least she would accept is 100 a month. Now, I dont have debts, I have ONE debt, & that was a bank loan of 3k that I took out a year ago to buy a car, with 3 years left of payments of 112 per month. As my part time wages are now..430 take home per month, plus child & working tax credit amounting to 172 per week, plus child benefit for 2 children, plus CSA payments of 270 per month, I can deal with paying my own rent. Less than 400 a month, council tax 75 a month, I CANT deal with 100 a month on the overpayment, & another 400 to council tax over payment. I can however afford to up my loan a bit, ending up now costing me 147 a month, which means getting rid of the overpayment, the countil tax bill & starting afresh. And with 2 or 3 hundred left for emergencies. That means so much to me as I am so angry with the way I have been treated by my LA since I decided to do the right thing & go back to work, which is what I thought the PM wanted! I wish I had stayed put on income support. Anyway, after paying my rent, council tax, ALL usual bills we all have including fuel, tv license, car insurance, water rates, internet/tv/phone, mobile, petrol, blah blah blah, me & my 2 will be left with 125 per week for food & extras. My work will up my hours end of march another 4 hours that will give us another 65 per month (once tax & tax credits change) 140 per week.. That is actually no worse than it was when I was on income support. What happens if the car breaks down, needs car tax, needs an MOT I haven't crossed yet, thankfully I had only just changed my car to a cheaper to run one just before the compliance officer arrived on my doorstep & she saw the 450 pounds I manged to come out of it with that I paid into my bank to pay off my overdraft. So I now have an overdraft if I get really desperate too. I also have 7 rings I could sell if I get desperate. I have 8, but my dad just gave me a Tanzanite one for my 40th, & those are as rare as rocking horse doo doo, so it will never be going anywhere apart from my daughter when I pop my clogs or the LA tip me over the edge lol Joke! Sorry, have gone a bit ott haven't I. But I guess I have thought quick smart what will help us for the next year or so, as it's the here n now that matters. The loan is a pain, but 35 pounds more to pay out per month, than 100 plus whatever the council tax would accept for the 400 I owed seems prefferrential, no one knows what will happen & I may be able to pay that loan off earlier anyway, I could win the lottery lol see what I mean? Or do I still seem as mad as a box of frogs x
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