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  1. Well I wish I was an expert, but i'm not, it doesn't look like cohabiting to me, but only they know what they class it as. I sure hope you can get some help, as that's an awful lot of money for someone with your girlfriends health problems to deal with. Feel for you all xxx
  2. I'm not totallly sure they all actually talk now tbh, different benefit departments I mean, even when a new application goes in. Until it gets to the investigation stage of course, then the friendship between them seems to kick in like old home week. Would make sense they all checked in the initial stages, but amazingly I dont think they do to be honest.
  3. Went on the benefit calculator frequently posted on here & I would get 20 pounds a week less tax credits if I claimed CA. It's an income isn't it.
  4. See if you qualify for legal aid on the following site. Lets get solicitors on side & fight back, stop all this bunching out right benefit cheats with people that dont genuinely understand how benefits work! Bring on the all in one benefit system I say, wont help us, but will help people in the future hopefully... http://www.communitylegaladvice.org.uk/
  5. So in theory the client could dispute the claim based on there not being enough evidence for the fraud team to actually prosecute them for? All seems a bit underhand.
  6. Probably does depend on your council, ours gives a guide of 2 months & if any longer they mention letting you know, but I guess they all vary. It's the waiting that's the worst isn't it x
  7. Everything you have said there makes perfect sense to people like me & numerous others reading it. But we probably weren't bullied at school, my mates definition of a benefit fraud investigator lol Any number of those things could be thrown at you in that room, so at least you're expecting it. And as you say, you can give them evidence of things. I have seen someone that did live with someone but claim as a single parent get found NOT GUILTY in court, recently. And it grates my cheese big time. It was 45k of benefit fraud, they had relitives purger themselves to say he was living with them & not her but he wasn't! You cant tell me they hadn't been watching them for some time to gather evidence, but they were still found not guilty. She isn't on the benefits anymore, that's something I guess! But it just goes to show that a few letters, that you tried to put a stop to yourself & have made very obvious movements to shove this person off you, doesn't point to a very good case of benefit fraud. Just stick to what you have said on here. You can only tell the truth, what more do they want, blood?!
  8. Well I have no intention of not attending the interview myself, at the moment I dont feel I have done anything wrong. So we need to mention fraud & cheat a lot, ok LOL As for the politicians, bankers, Vodafone etc, there is no point in going there! A woman at work was saying that this with me has her thinking she needs to be careful about her singing, she does that about once every couple of months for cash. I said to her, dont be worrying about that now, tax investigators have been cut & benefit ones increased. You could avoid tax as much as you like at the moment & wont be looked in to! lol When you said Biz, all I could think of was Viz LOL you're probably too young to remember that but it was so funny. Well, to me it was. Never really grew up haha. Money saving tips were comical to me, look up top tips Viz on google. Then you'll see my mentality lol
  9. So the compliance team decided that they had been living as a couple for x amount of time,since the begining apparently, not notified them of that fact, but oh well, just pay back 8 grand. Sorry, but unless councils work very differently, that doesn't make sense. Especially from what people have posted on here..
  10. So glad you posted all that! Well, I think this is why my dad told me to just answer the fact at hand at the time, because he knows I can waffle a bit! Because I have been through the story soooooo many times with people in the last 2 weeks it has now got a bit boring, but I need to stay focused & just answer what they ask, in a short sentence. Take the tape away & find a solicitor if need be. As you say, we dont have to stay there, I am keeping that bit in the front of my mind! I dont doubt that most solicitors would rather just have what someone is accused of in front of them, without having to sort out the misconstrued chat that gets in the middle of it. Anyway, here's to hoping supermom & I wont have to think about solicitors! We can but hope x
  11. Oh & as for them picking everything apart, sensible me says at the moment I expect we're a long line in interviews they conduct every day, & it wont be until AFTER the interview that they will go away & delve lol But I am as new to this as you, so we will just have to wait n see really. xxxx
  12. I can imagine how annoyed you are at them. It would rile anyone! Best thing you cando is hold your head up, & get through this. I really hope that after you have had your interview your mind will be put at rest, especially going by what you have put on here. Oh yes, of course, you're pregnant they wont give you anything at the docs, wasn't thinking. I trust no man these days. The last one, that I split with about 3 years ago now put me off for a long time, sound like men bashers now LOL But no, I love men to be honest, I actually get on better with them as friends than I do women. But I wont date anyone, not until my kids have grown & have their own lives. My daughter adored my exes daughter, they are the same age & I knew he was my last chance, when that didn't pan out after a year & a half, & no we didn't live together, he owned his own house, I resolved that I wouldn't go there again until the kids are older. And I love being single in all honesty! I am now wishing I could meet a millionaire haha but for now I shall just have to buy a lottery ticket every saturday & hope for the best xxxxx
  13. lol blimey it's weird how it has you thinking like that when you go out your house though isn't it! Because I am no longer on housing benefit I have this urge to drag a random stranger into my house every night, I know I know, how childish LOL You try n stay strong. I was lucky I guess in that I had advance warning of this, as I knew the overpayment before I got the interview under caution letter, & I was in enough of a state just knowing I woed them 1200! Now I am quite calm as I think I am all stressed out & mother nature has kicked in he coping thing. I have kids that still need to get to school & be fed etc. I did have to get Diazapam from the docs to start with though! But I only used about 3 of them, then calmed myself down somehow. They are in the cupboard if I need them though. Dont be afraid to go to your doctor if you find you cant sleep & keep getting in a panic! Mine could be a lot worse though, there goes my brain again as my dad says lol but I have visions of them dipping into my bank account & thinking hmmmm, she paid that much cash in etc. I sold my car in january as I couldn't afford to run a 4 wheel drive, & bought a Focus for 450 cheaper, I paid the 450 into my account to pay off my overdraft I was in. I even showed the compliance officer that when she came here a couple of weeks ago. But I have a feeling that everything I sold on ebay will be thrusted in front of my face next week. I would like to see them prove what I made was more than what I actually spent on there though, bit of an ebay addict, at least was my home is the house that ebay built to be honest, every room has numerous things that were bought off evilbay. But it's cheaper on there! LOL xx
  14. It's really unusual for that amount of overpayment not to be prosecuted. Or atleast called in for an interview under caution. Bizarre. I agree about appealing, also she needs to get a solicitor that specialises in welfare benefit, not just offers general advice on it. The CAB do that, & that's no good if she hasn't got any money to live on. Has she been in touch with the Welfare rights people? Go to this place & put her area in & specify benefits/welfare & it should give you a list of legal aid solicitors in her area. It'll also say if she is entitled to legal aid, I think it has a calculator on it, which she will because she has no income! http://www.communitylegaladvice.org.uk/en/directory/directorysearch.jsp
  15. Thanks Life-goes-on, love that name, very apt! My dad had a bit of a go at me today because of the upcoming interview, asked me if I wanted him to come with me for support, I said no, as he cant speak anyway. He worked at Broadmoor for 30 years, never claimed benefits, so he's a bit of a toughie & it's all a bit easy for him to say but he did make sense lol But he was raising his voice a bit in the end lol & what he said applies to you in a way too Supermam. He said you gave them what they asked for, you were told what your benefit was going to be, end of! It's not your place to do their job for them, someone messed up, they took this long to realise it, & now they want you to take the blame for that. Supermam, you have done everything right, apart from getting pregnant by that loser, but you weren't living together as if married, he used your address, you tried to put a stop to it, you are still a single mum as you're claiming benefits to be, end of! Both of us need to go in there not feeling like we have done something wrong & we should have done this or noticed that or realised that may have looked suspect. At the end of the day we are single parents trying to be parents. And we trust people to know their job. As my dad said, they have asked YOU there for the interview, they'll say why, answer them, dont even need to go into a long drawn out explanation, you aren't to blame, they are in my case & you haven't done anything wrong & you know it in your case. In my case I have accepted there has been an overpayment, it wasn't through anything I did, I did what they asked, I accept I COULD have noticed it was wrong, if I understood the award letters & actually read them, I accept that it's not a good enough defense to say I never read them because as long as my rent was paid I never questioned it. It would be good if life was that simple, but hey ho. But I refuse to accept any accusation of fraud that's for certain. BUT at the moment for both of us, we have been asked in to explain things, we haven't done anything wrong to the best of our knowledge & that's all there is to it, for now. Anything after that you consult a solicitor, make sure it's a welfare one. But until then, stay strong in the knowledge that you haven't done wrong. Hope you're alright today xxx
  16. 10am on the 10th. Need to ask work to let me work wednesday instead of the thursday next week. Had told my manager about it the other week & was only telling her today that I had to pay it back but it looked like that was an end to it. Typical lol x
  17. Will do. Will be thinking about you tuesday, what time is your appointment? x
  18. You're going through the angry stage now, as you feel you are trying to do what's right all the time but someone puts a spanner in the works & you end up so stressed. You've got a lovely baby on the way though, all this will come out in the wash & it'll be a distant nightmare one day. The amount of people that go through this is unreal, we'll all get through the other side, it'll just be a rocky ride until then. I will probably end up back on housing benefit if they throw anything more at me, because I wont be able to afford to pay it back otherwise. How bizarre is that. Just when I thought I was looking after me & my own for the first time ever (apart from working/child tax credits of course) & for the last week or so since I cancelled my claim, I felt really good about it. I knew it was gonna be tight for money but I was going to be doing it on my own. Yes, that felt good. I look back & think I should have got a full time job from get go 2 years ago & paid my own rent, but I don know how I would have done that as I do have to drive my 2 to school as they dont go to school round here, my son is hearing impaired & his TASS teacher said he would get lost in the system at any of the schools round here, so I chose to do what was best for him. Roll on 3 years & I can at least sell my car! That's what costs me the most. Anyway, stick to your guns, dont let them get you down too much, I know easier said than done. But you know deep down you haven't done anything wrong, you didn't want his mail coming to you, you tried to stop it & he hasn't ever lived there. Lets hope common sense prevails! If they are that good at their job they will come to that conclusion, surely?! xxx
  19. Sounds like you have had a right rough time I dont know what's going on in this country anymore, they have laid off hundreds of tax investigators & increased benefit investigators. The amount of dodgy stuff the banks have been let to get away with, people like Vodafone dodging tax etc, which is worth more than any amount of benefit overpayments & they go after the people that have usually been affected by official errors or jealous exes. Along with 1% of claimants that are actually commiting benefit fraud. Something is telling me the poor are going to take some big time kickings in the next fw years & will be the ones used to get the country out the mess it's in. Smart move governor...
  20. Ha! It seems not! When I rang the compliance officer earlier, that came to my home a couple of weeks ago to check if they had the right details for me, I said to her if anything it's 50/50! She said she did warn me that if the overpayment is over 500 they MIGHT ask me to go in just to put my side across. I trusted what one of their benefit assessors told me over the phone 2 years ago about getting full benefit still (I had just started working 16 hours a week after being on income support for years) I did say to him at the time that I had been told at my back to work interview with the lone parent advisor at the job centre that I would have to pay towards my rent, about 45 pounds, but he said the month before, the government decided they weren't taking CSA payments into account anymore, the amount of CSA I got then was 45 a week, so it made sense & I didn't question it again! Just wish I hadn't bothered going back to work then, my daughter wasn't 12 then, I didn't even have to at that point! I was just happy to get out the house & be 30/40 quid a week better off to be honest. So when I was told I would still get full housing benefit I thought it was great! But you know what, since that compliance officer came & it became apparent that they had my wages down wrong because they only based it on my first payslip which was only a part month (I had given them a copy of my work contract too at the time which obviously didn't match the payslip, they apparently should have asked for another payslip, I thought the contract was more accurate & they used that to work your benefit out?) Anyway I was a right mess after she visited, the doctor put me on Diazapam, I was petrified. I received the overpayment letter last week, made arrangements to pay it back because I cancelled my housing benefit claim that day. So I thought it was all sorted. Plan was to up my work hours now the kids are older, pay my own rent. See how I went, if I struggled, I would reapply. Then I get that letter today.. But I think I am past the worrying about it stage now. And am worryingly calm about it, I did enough worrying a couple of weeks ago. I think I am now just in shock that so many circumstances can lead to me maybe ending up in court, & I think my brain is saying enough worrying, just deal with it, ****e happens to everyone? Funny you should say about tax credits, I think it was them that rang me last year just to double check I was only earning what they had me down for, & still single etc. Looks like there could be a connection? I think usually if they genuinely suspect fraud they can stop your benefits? Just if anything to stop you incurring anymore overpayments if there are any. I could be wrong though. Life sucks huh! My brother was called in for an interview once, but they didn't record his, just wrote things down, & everything was hunky dorey & nothing came of it. And I dont think they stopped his benefits either. Sounds like it may just be at the wanting to ask you questions stage, & they may well be happy with your answers when you go. It's the waiting though isn't it. I hope you come on here to let us know how it went. Will be doing me a favour too as well as any others reading this! xxx
  21. You'll never be one step ahead of them, but try & think of even the most exagerated things you can that happened, like the time he took camping stuff in december, so that you are almost expecting them to ask that. It's hard when you just want rid of the bad memories of being with someone, because you have usually pushed memories out your head. But I seriously think with the police involvment, you should be ok. In some twisted way it might be good that they got involved a couple of times!
  22. Yeh my friend is in court this thursday for benefit fraud (unintentional, long story) but he said they will rarely accept your first answer, they will definitely make you feel you're in the wrong. He thinks I should take someone too, told me to ring his solicitor, but tbh at the moment I dont feel I have done anything wrong, I am going to listen to what they have to say & if it's completely exagerated as I have heard it can end up being, I shall say thanks I shall consult a solicitor. You can leave anytime you like, you dont even have to attend, but obviously they can make decisions in your absense, pointless not going when you know to the best of your knowledge you haven't done anything wrong. You can ask for a break, you can take someone, but they wont be able to speak. That's what the leaflet says that came with my letter anyway. They'll record it, 2 copies, ask you to sign a sticker that seals the tape in a bag. I THINK you can ask for a copy of that tape. It doesn't say that on my leaflet, so maybe someone can answer that one. Just stay calm & explain exactly what you have on here. And I am sure you will be fine xx Can people only get legal aid if they are on benefits? I am only on tax credits now, does that mean I wont get legal aid though? Even hough after all my rent, council tax, bills the same as everyone else has etc is paid we have about 120 quid a week for food n clothes at the moment.
  23. I personally think it's wrong that carers can only earn that much. When I used to get for my son it was only 50 a week I think. I mean we have a lady at work that can only work 3 4 hour days or her carers allowance is affected for looking after her son. She could do a couple more days of 4 hours and STILL be working full time at home looking after her son. So it's wrong in my opinion. I dont guess you can pay your friend a little more out of your benefits? Although no, why should you i know! x
  24. Oh dear, you & I are both having a bad day then, I came home from work to the same letter, although mine isn't to do with a partner, mine is a mess up when they worked out my claim & me not noticing & just listening to someone from the council telling me on the phone I will be getting full benefit still. The letter says it's about that anyway, but I know how they work, I am not going to be suprised if they come out with something else, because I already have my suspisions. Anyway, mine is a week thursday, when is yours? From what you have said yours sounds very plausible & yes I expect the police being involved will help a lot. Just tell them all that you have said on here. You haven't done anything wrong apart from letting him have his work mail come to yours. Quite often these interviews dont come to anything, they are doing them all the time & I think in our town only about 30 people got taken to court last year, 2 were found not guilty. You cant tell me only 30 people got interviewed under caution last year, no way! Not going to be pleasant for either of us though, just tell the truth, that's all you can do. And as my mum says, dont get too stressed about something you cant change! Face it & deal with it. x
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