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  1. Is this with DWP? The 5k is none of their business. It's possibly the facebook page. Although I would have thought something else would trigger them having a nose first. Apart from Bank statements I expect it wont be easy to prove you haven't been paid, if there is a facebook page advertising? Was there ever any price list on there etc? The IUC isn't always terrible. It's possibly not connected to any of those things & will be straightened out on the day. A solicitor would be able to find out on the day what the reason is, before you even set foot in the office, but it's not easy to find a benefit solicitor on legal aid. Not too sure what they would charge to go along for that. And it may end up a waste of money. Hopefully you'll have an ok woman doing the interview like I had..
  2. No but they may tend to think you would be living together seeing as you are still having children with him, looks like they are assuming he has been supporting you in that case, which would tend to be the norm. If you have a benefit solicitor they should be able to work out the underlying entitlement you would both have been claiming, if they are adamant he was always living with you. They don't volunteer that, you need to get your solicitor to push for that.
  3. That's what I did when they did it to me 2 yrs ago, I paid it & put it down to experience. I wish I had known about benefit calculators at the time they were over paying me because I would have known it was wrong. So now I know exactly what I should be paying, & according to the Turn2us benefit calculator it's spot on what I have to pay myself. Fine for the rent. It's not helping the council tax benefit mind, but I shall get down there today with my new award letter from tax credits & at least I have done my bit then, they can't keep getting it wrong surely lol
  4. Seems a bit crazy to me, when I read out my bank statement payments over the phone from tax credits for the last few weeks lol I received the next years payments today, the new award,& I can make no sense of it, but I shall take that down monday. I instructed my housing association to reinstate the direct debit payments each week, even though they wrote to say it's been adjusted to nil, because I know from old that i'll have to pay it back when they catch up with themselves!
  5. I would just do as they ask. Best to be sure. They have said i'm entitled to full benefit because I get less tax credits now, I don't get less tax credits at all, so they requested the details again from tax credits & STILL say they have been told I am getting less. My LA is intent on over paying people. You're lucky if yours are doing it right.
  6. “Our investigators use Facebook as a routine tool when looking at someone’s claim that they are single and not married.” http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/facebook-wedding-photos-catches-out-112180 If anyone tells you they don't use facebook, take it with a pinch of salt.. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2264961/Benefits-cheat-couple-Nicola-Derbyshire-Adam-Heard-exposed-30-000-fraud-posting-wedding-pictures-releasing-doves-Cyprus-Facebook.html http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/4282253/[problem]mer-holiday-Benefits-cheat-Andrea-Raftis-trapped-by-Facebook-pics-of-exotic-Egypt-trip.html And this is old... http://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/news/north-east-news/fraud-teams-use-facebook-catch-1451592 I remember this one: "They had pictures of my kids on their file but my Facebook account is set up so only my friends can see them. http://benefitfraud.blogspot.co.uk/2010/05/benefits-thief-caught-through-her.html
  7. We all have to provide birth certificates when applying for housing benefit, it's just standard procedure, & yes they do also always want to see proof of Child benefit, that one they may accept proof from bank statements? Worth asking them. Child benefit is connected to CSA too so if you wanted to claim that, you would need to be getting child benefit.
  8. No, I was meaning you hun. Places like Sainsburys & Tescos take people on for online shopping with no experience. I hadn't worked for 10 years when I went to work there. The benefits for youngsters stop when they turn 20. Used to be 19 I think but is 20 now. I have all this to come in a year or so.
  9. In the grand scheme of things that over payment is tiny, honestly. I was over paid 1600 incl council tax, & even the compliance officer said mine was 'tiny in the grand scheme of things' as she said they have people that have been over paid for some years, into the many thousands. It's not worth it to the public purse to prosecute someone for 650 pounds. I would be soooooo surprised to hear anything about prosecution. They'll obviously want it back. If you aren't claiming the housing benefit anymore, they may get funny about taking small installments, but if you are still claiming it, they'll take it out of ongoing benefit weekly. Don't be alarmed if they do call you in for an IUC, my council do if the over payment is over 500. But that's just standard procedure here.
  10. Any chance you can get some work, in retail or something, online shopping etc. You could claim working tax credits then if over 30 hours?
  11. Yes, he's going to try that, in the Tesco express or somewhere. So I not breaking the law still claiming between now & september then. Was worrying about that.
  12. I feel mean now then because it's a catch 22, he can't claim JSA if I still claim child benefit. Trouble is, if I don't claim child benefit, CSA will stop & housing benefit & working tax credits will go down? And it's not like he will be able to pay rent out of JSA
  13. My 18 yr old son has just informed me that he has finished school, as in signed off 6th form now, last friday (before half term) He is due to start college in september. I only spoke to HMRC the other day about him going to college & it's been put on their system for tax credits. But officially he is no longer in education is he! When he started 6th form, it was a 2 year course, yet it's not 2 years is it?! Am I supposed to stop claiming housing benefit/tax credits with him classed as in education, from now until september? This came about as another lad today said he should claim Job seekers allowance until he goes to college? And it got me thinking. Can he even do that? When I say signed off 6th form, I mean his course has actually finished, he's done his exams. He hasn't left before he was supposed to or anything like that.
  14. It's not all geared towards parents, they are cool with paying the winter fuel payments to OAP's that are loaded, but stopped child benefit for the rich. Apparently stopping the winter fuel payments to well off pensioners won't make any difference to the economy, but stopping some disabled persons benefit will. Baffles me...
  15. Better option is to just put it in her petrol tank every month really. A regular payment into bank accounts could confuse the issue.
  16. Housing benefit should be based on income after tax & NI. And even part of any pension contributions.
  17. Hope she'll be alright. Soft me. I don't like to think of someone being in that much trouble even if it was wrong what they did. That woman in Brighton that got 4 years for benefit fraud, not sure of her over payment, it was something like 350,000. Largest ever in the country they were saying on the news. Hope she has a good solicitor. It's only a matter of time before tax credits get involved too.
  18. They take tax payments by direct debit, monthly? You have printed off the bank statements I guess?
  19. Part time job wont make any difference, although over 25 hours rings a bell. With the housing benefit & CSA anyway. Hopefully someone will be along that knows for sure.
  20. Child benefit doesn't stop as soon as a child turns 16, my daughter turned 16 in january & it's still going. I think it stops in the August/september if they're not going on to further education but they would write & ask about that.
  21. It is a terrible time hun, have been there myself with being over paid, only not with a relationship reason or with tax credits, but I know the things that go through your head, it is a scarey time. But seriously, try not to stress too much about prosecution, that is extreemely unlikely to happen with tax credits. If it was me I would reply to them as soon as you can. They will possibly get really ratty otherwise & just decide you weren't entitled to any tax credits for x number of months or years at all because that's how they work & that would be a shame if it is only since feb hun & you could have told them that & paid back any over payment over time. Which they usually will accept anyway.
  22. DWP aren't involved are they? Tax credits & the council do talk though but they don't talk very well! Housing benefit let me know yesterday I was to now get full housing benefit because tax credits told them I get £50 a week less now, um, no, my tax credits haven;t changed in a year! Thankfully I questioned the housing benefit increase because they seem to like over paying me for some reason. Probably not worth worrying about the council though if you aren't claiming from them at the moment.
  23. Ok, housing benefit are the ones I would be most concerned about. I didn't know they were involved too. I would just be honest with them about being from March & hope for the best. Not sure if they let it go if you ignore what they are asking for. If he hasn't got any proof at all of living elsewhere, it can get tricky. It's quite a common problem on here though so hopefully others that have been through & are going through the same thing will be able to offer support. Tax credits will be the lesser of the 2 evils though you'll find.
  24. Forget about prison for a start, you can pretty much forget about prosecution as well tbh. Just supply what they ask for, & you'll likely owe some money, but I would be gobsmacked if they prosecuted. If they are asking from Feb, it sounds like that's all they want proof of at the moment, they usually do find out the truth with these things these days, so they likely know it's only been since a certain time anyway.
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