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  1. There was a chap on Rip off Britain earlier this week that got 6 years in the big house, but he had amassed a couple of hundred thousand in benefit fraud, can't remember the exact amount but it was over a lot of years.
  2. I am behind the times I think, because I thought they had made the disabled exempt from the bedroom tax, or at least said those cases needed looking at individually?
  3. Just remember that you are probably thinking they are more interested in you than they actually are, it's the whole nature of the situation. I don't mean anything mean by that either by the way.
  4. I agree. I think it's worrying that people always seem to imply that it's not an issue what is going on at the moment to others because they 'obviously have other issues' Is it not possible that having no money to pay to live under a roof & buy food is enough of an issue to stop someone thinking rationally & do something like this? There's no psychological rule that says more than one thing needs to be going on to tip someone over the edge. And I speak from experience (long time ago I hasten to add) Don't know about anyone else but I get really cranky if I am hungry. Long term along with the dread of losing your roof over your head as well...I wonder what effect that has on someone & I can quite imagine it being the only issue to tip someone over the edge. But it's easier to put it down to other issues as well that must be more important, so that's what will always happen. Which is why no matter how many times it does happen now, it will make absolutely no difference.
  5. Is it just me noticing a lot of dodgy bent stuff going on more lately? Brilliant news though. But shocking it had to go this far!
  6. Thanks for that, I will let him know. edit: you'd think they would tell him all this in the job center wouldn't you
  7. Ok, I found out a bit more, it wasn't an interview it was to do with applying for a job, on the Universal job search thing? The job didn't have an apply button at the bottom, they asked you to email them direct, which brother did, unfortunately the email he sent is only in sent mails (outlook express) on his laptop, & he doesn't have a printer. He couldn't access it at the job center/library (I forget where he tried now) He went into JC yesterday & told them but they said he needs to send proof with an appeal form or something, he explained in the form but had do tick 'no proof provided' which is a shame because I doubt that will be any good. Having never seen these sites or forms, maybe others will know more what I mean. Apparently this was a job back in May too.
  8. Oh no, really??? Can anyone clarify this please.
  9. My brother has been sanctioned, JSA, apparently he will only be getting £30 instead of the usual £130 (or however much it is) it seems he didn't apply for a job. I don't know much more than that at the moment. Is there a risk of him losing housing benefit too? He went in the JC today & they gave him a right dressing down & told him he could lose ALL his benefits! He was in too much of a state to ask how long the sanction was for & about housing benefit. I could see this coming, he was too excited about the work program, he's on the course all this week apparently. I think he thought it was going to be a magic bullet this work program..
  10. Not much comfort I know, but you're not alone. My brother is getting himself in a right 2 & 8, told mum apparently if he loses his flat he's been in 9 yrs, he'll just catch the bus basically....
  11. Paying the debt back isn't an admission of benefit fraud, it's an admission of there having been an over payment & you agree to pay it back. As for the IUC, if you ignore it, it wont just go away put it that way. It's also not unusual for them to prosecute after the debt has been completely paid back even. It's a seperate thing. The over payment, & the possible benefit fraud, a civil matter & a criminal matter. I have certainly known someone local being prosecuted for benefit fraud less than £1000 even. It's not always the amount. There is a large difference between an over payment because of DWP's error & someone not notifying of a change in circs, so it's no good someone else telling you you wont be prosecuted just because they weren't. As annoying as it is, personally I would go to the IUC. It's you chance to put your side across, & they would possibly be more likely to prosecute someone that they had a certain amount of evidence against if they refuse to follow procedures rather than if they went along to explain their side & maybe clear it up with no prosecution. Put it this way, I had been over paid £1600, & had arranged to pay it back before I was invited to an IUC, over payment partly my fault, partly theirs, but they needed to do that IUC to establish my side. I didn't get prosecuted. But I expect they may have prosecuted me if I had ignored the IUC though.
  12. From what mum was saying on the phone it was an actual job interview I think, hopefully he will speak to them & ask where the interview notification would have been sent, mum wondered if he hadn't gone on the internet for a while & missed an email or something? I think he has pay as you go dongle or something & doesn't always have internet access. He's not a big internet user tbh. I had a feeling this would happen once they took him off Incap, but he has been doing ok up til now, I think this has put him down again now. He would never NOT go to an interview, he is bored out his brains & says he wants a job now big time, that's why he didn't even mind this work program thing, it gave him something to do!
  13. My brother seemed to be ok with this work program thing, but he received a letter saying he didn't go for an interview so will be sanctioned next week he didn't get told about any interview!
  14. Pretty sure that guy went to prison for it? Or maybe I am mixing this story up with another...
  15. I was just thinking that possibly the OP had been invited to an IUC & not responded to requests, in which case they do get the police involved. Although according to a benefits solicitor, it's more common for them to just issue a court summons if they feel they have enough evidence, so it's all a bit baffling. I guess it's possible different areas work in a different way? I don't think they should be leaving someone with no income though, so a visit to CAB is needed for sure.
  16. That makes more sense, I was going to say, it's hard enough getting a job these days without telling a company you'll only be working til september when they want permanent staff LOL that just didn't make sense...
  17. I THINK they can easily do data matching to see if someones mail etc goes to your house & they are likely to do that as soon as someone gives them a tip off. So they would already know no one is proven to be there, I would be surprised if they are sat outside your home watching you, they get a LOT of reports each week from the public, they just wouldn't have the staff to go sitting outside lots of houses each week. Especially if there are only 3 compliance/fraud staff like there is at our local council.
  18. I wasn't aware there was an amount? I always assumed you got the free scripts/glasses/dentist if you were claiming working tax credit
  19. I think it's a good thing if they regularly assess people, here they don't do a thing, they just leave you alone, you really need to know exactly what you should be getting because they make it up as they go along & you end up having to pay back for their mistakes if you're not on the ball yourself.
  20. I think anyone should be able to live anywhere if they can pay for it. If they are claiming housing benefit for a 4 bed property & using only 1 of those bedrooms, or even 2, does that sound ok? I don't think anyone was blaming the OP's parents, but how can the government be blamed when they are 'supposedly' trying to sort it. Although they could find a better way, like actually build more affordable social housing for people to move to in the first place, as I have said before on here, Jersey doesn't let anyone stay in a social property once they have an extra bedroom, but they do rehouse them, rather than tell them to sort themselves out. Anyway, this is going way off topic really...
  21. The bedroom tax does actually work I think, well, to a certain extent, me & 2 teens would have loved to be in a 3 bed, but now this bedroom tax has arrived, & my 2 are 18 & 16 years old now, I cancelled the transfer list & want to stay in this 2 bed! I am planning ahead now. Eventually I would love a 1 bed flat if it's ever just me, the only problem there is there may not be any by then
  22. Sounds ok to me, compliance are a bit like a review to check you are getting what you should be? They are just being lazier, round here they visit you at home lol
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