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  1. I keep putting it off because I assume it'll be in there the next day, but it's not lol & I am trying to not use my phone what with the cost of calling those sort of places! But if it's not in there in the morning I will have to ring them. I'm not sure why I should let them keep it.
  2. It's all a bit of a no win situation though someone letting them know they are earning an extra £10 a week, they take 70p out of every pound out of it, so if someone did an hours cleaning & got paid £10 they would actually only get £3 of it? Sorry but I can totally see why folk do it. They'd have to work 3 hours to actually earn £10? Or am I seeing it wrong?
  3. Is there anything I can do to get money out the CSA? For the last 12 yrs it's not been a problem, my ex has £270 for 2 kids taken out his wages every month. Deduction of earnings? Due to him not paying in the past. Around the 24th of the month I get it. I am still waiting for Aprils payment, I rang the CSA a week ago today & was told there was a delay because of bank holiday/easter or something but it will be in my bank the start of this week. Still waiting. My ex works for the NHS, I can't imagine the problem being that end. Is there anywhere we can go to complain about the CSA & find out if it's them that is holding onto money?
  4. Go for the self employment. Legal aid will still be possible based on your income. Your income is after expenses. You'll get rid of the bedroom tax if you're working too. It's hard slog being self employed, I can see why you want to do it, but be prepared for stressing about earning enough. My benefits are based on me earning £100 a week. Some weeks I struggle with that & get stressy, other weeks I go over that, & get stressy lol I really miss a set income personally. A friend of mine in the same business as me was hauled in for the IUC when she was on income support, because of the 'hobby' & she was told she needed to register self employed etc. So did. At the moment we can be self employed, but once the Universal credit kicks in, they will be basing our income on minimum wage for I think 35 hours a week, which means they will be assuming I earn about £230 a week & basing benefits on that? Well, ummmmmm, I wish lol
  5. Ok, here's my opinion. I wouldn't judge someone shopping a person personally. If they have morals like that, who am I to criticise. On the other hand I see no harm in someone claiming JSA for example, looking for full time work & getting a tenner a week scrubbing some toffs bog in the meantime. I grew up with a family member that did it, cleaned a doctors house once a week, so yes, I guess I had a bad influence in my life. But people do what they can. Back in those days single mums couldn't work full time minimum wage & have children, working tax credit didn't exist to top up wages. You worked, or you didn't, I don't think there was any inbetween.. top up stuff you could claim? So you did what you could to get by! And I think the way the government is strangling the life out of the poor lately, they should do what they have to do as well.
  6. Totally agree with this. I was failed in duty of care with housing benefit years ago. I gave them everything they asked for, when I started working part time after being on income support for 10 years, & they over paid me for 2 years. I look back now & can see where it all went wrong, but I would never have known at the time, & just assumed they knew what they were doing. They quite often don't x
  7. Well, they did keep paying you after you left the country? So they want it back. Not too sure there is anything you can do about that? It doesn't matter how long it has been, pretty sure benefit matters don't ever get statute barred like other debts can.
  8. I'm single with 2 dependents in full time education at college
  9. Hi. I assumed HMRC gave working tax credits the final self assessment figure to working tax credits dept by the end of January. Apparently they don't. Even though it's all HMRC! Had a letter from working tax credits saying they haven't had my 2012-2013 final income confirmation by the end of Jan, so they are basing it on the estimate I gave them. The estimate I gave them was £3300 for the year. The final calculation after doing the self assessment was £3735. When I gave them the estimate over the phone I think my council had my first months accounts still & I only added up 11 months worth instead of 12. Do I need to let them know that or doesn't £400 make any difference to our payments over a year? When I go on turn2us benefit calculator & put my income in as £100 a week, it says I should get the tax credits that I always have got, as you can see, £3735 is under £100 a week, so I could be safe?
  10. I'm self employed. It sucks to be honest lol I can't wait to find employed work. When Universal credit kicks in we need to be earning minimum wage based on 35 hours a week I think it is. That wont be happening for me. I can work til midnight & not touch minimum wage. It works for me at the moment due to tax credits, but as I say, once UC comes in, it'll be a non starter. I miss the regular income as well. Some weeks I can make more than £100 but some weeks less. All my benefits are based on £100 a week (i'm not on any disability ones though)
  11. Can I just say, I am no help really, apart from sympathising because I have been through the IUC thing & it was awful, but people can be nieve & no it's not an excuse but it's actually a nasty feeling when it dawns on you that you didn't pay enough attention to your benefit claim & didn't see the importance of something. I learned the hard way & it was a tough time. Some people afterwards are left too scared to claim in case it goes wrong again.
  12. http://speye.wordpress.com/2013/12/21/every-bedroom-tax-hb-decision-unlawful-yes-the-proof-is-here/
  13. Personally I wouldn't even bother telling them, it's under the amount they need to know about, but I am speaking as someone that has un trained council staff doing our benefits, it would confuse them, have them stopping benefits & enjoying messing peoples money up lol by the time that's over the 3 grand would be gone on rent etc...
  14. They back date it to when you started being over paid. They decided I had been over paid over £200, over 9 weeks, even though it was them that changed it due to tax credits & me telling them tax credits are wrong with what they are telling them. They have decided they are taking that back at £23 per week out of ongoing housing benefit. And council tax are taking £120 out my bank the begining of december & again the begining of jan. I find it too complex to work it all out so I just let them get on with it & pony up the dough, same as when they did it before to me....
  15. I got a job through the Job center before, don't be mean! lol Good luck, break a leg!
  16. I guess it's something everyone has always known but....
  17. http://slutocracy.wordpress.com/2013/11/21/interview-with-a-job-centre-advisor-sanction-targets-corruption-revealed/
  18. I have an over payment of about £250 due to my council seeming to always be on a mission to mess about with peoples benefit even though you haven't told them your income has changed! You have to be on the ball with them because it's their job, they don't seem to know what they are doing. I rang them too like you, asking are you over paying me now this is going on too long? (I was paying double what I should be towards my rent for a month due to them sorting tax credits out, kids leaving school & going to college, but I didn't argue it because I was told it would sort itself out when tax credits updated them, it then went down to zero rent to pay which went on for 6 weeks, I assumed that was because of me over paying rent for a month, but when it got to 6 weeks I had a feeling it wasn't right. if I hadn't rang them they would have just carried on over paying me!) I am struggling to see how it adds up to £250 at the moment but been waiting for a new award letter, which hasn't arrived so I don't know what my benefit is. I have to pay it back at 20 odd quid a week, but no mention of IUC. I think they do that with amounts over £500 as standard here, but your council might be different.
  19. Oh, not too sure, I suggested CAB, I shall give her the link to the Turn2us site to start with though..
  20. Oh dear she is stuck then, this new UC is saying she has to be based on min wage, yet to stay under the £100 per week she is allowed to earn, she can only work 15 hours, yet to claim working tax credits, you have to work 16 hours. Sounds like she is stuck between a rock & a hard place then? She's also appealing another childs DLA being stopped apparently, but that's a seperate issue.
  21. Because you would likely pay your earnings from 'drug dealing' into your bank account wouldn't you lol oh dear. Not likely to go much further I think to be honest.
  22. Hi A friend seems to have a problem, she is self employed, single parent, works 25 hours per week, £100 per week income (if she's lucky) one child on DLA, receives CA, council is saying she can only work 9 hours per week to receive the full (91%) council tax benefit, yet working tax credits say minimum hours need to be 16 hours. Does all this sound right? What can she do?
  23. They have done this to me before. Not in the south east are you? I have a feeling my council have messed mine up again lately, they have been chopping & changing due to my teenagers leaving school this year & going to college. Due to tax credits. I gave them my award letter from tax credits months ago, yet even though I haven't received anything else from tax credits about any change, apparently payments went down in september as standard til it's auto adjusted after that. But it's nothing I would be told about & just meant I had less payment for a week or 2. I don't think the council have adjusted it again though! You need to really know how they work it all out to keep on top of it apparently, which is where I fall down because I don't know how they work it out! Is your partner on working tax credits?
  24. Online is January, but I am sure Tax credits (if you claim them) wants to see the confirmed income for last year, at the start of january, something like that anyway, I remember thinking it was before the deadline for self assessment,which confused me, hopefully someone can confirm that!
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