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  1. Thank you very much BTB. Exactly the sort of advice I was looking for. I am fed up to the back teeth with the abuse of parking regulations where I live. My councils own guide to parking available on their website says the following regarding the placement of suspension warning signs "When it is necessary to suspend parking spaces, this will normally be done by displaying a warning notice (as shown) and by leafleting cars and households in the immediate vicinity. The regulations require that the suspension warning sign must be placed on the nearest parking post to the suspended ar
  2. Thank you dw. Your reply is appreciated. Regards.
  3. Thank you to those who took the trouble to reply with constructive comments. Green and mean, as i said in my post i didnt ask for help before sending my letter because i found this forum after having sent it. If you have any interest in helping rather than simply criticising, perhaps you'd identify the mistakes that "litter" my letter so i may correct them in any future communication. (that was the point of my posting). In addition why can't i "just ask for an arbitrary amount"? how is the pcn fine arrived at ? I suggest it's arbitrary. My letter states the reason for my claim of compensation
  4. Hi I didntt attach the photographs to my post but sent them to the council, they clearly show that the yellow signs are not placed in the appropriate place. Regards Richard
  5. I have just found this forum and have already emailed a letter of complaint to the council concerned. However I would be very grateful of any opinions on my appeal. The letter is below with various personal details removed. I also sent supporting photographs as evidence. Many thanks in advance. Recently, my vehicle was towed from a road in SW12. I was parked in a parking bay which I subsequently found out was suspended. The Reference for this suspension is XXXX, the yellow suspension warning sign records that the suspension relates to "the site outside XXXXX road". As you
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