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  1. I spoke to them again today over the phone and again was told that paying of the dept over 2 years was to long, im still going to keep paying them but i think they just want blood. The person i spoke to is going to pass the offer onto someone else but its not looking good at moment Any more advice is very welcome cheers guys.
  2. i owe hmrc about 60k for v.a.t and tax, the oldest part of the dept is about 12 months.
  3. I also have a loan with my parents and someone surgested tying up the fixtures and fittings etc as security on that loan so that they couldn't come along a take anything from the hotel or my home. Is this possible to do as i havent had any official demand or court action as of yet ?
  4. The house is tied with the buisness because the hotel sites in five achers and the whole site is on one deed, i did try and get it split a few years ago but i have a loan with a brewary who has first charge and they wouldnt give there permision.
  5. Hi realy need some advice Over the last 2 years my hotel has been hit realy hard with the resestion and i ended up behind with my vat and tax for about 60k, as well as other suppliers gas, electric etc etc. Then 3 months ago we started a new venture within the hotel and have realy started to turn things around, i have managed to get all supplyers paid up to date as well as gas, electric etc etc which just left the inland revenue to start getting straight with and was about to set up a standing order for about 600 a week plus keeping up with normal payments, (the 600 a week was something i
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