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  1. If Barclays have this agreement then it shouldn't happen. Always worth checking though.
  2. That's good of Barclays to do that. Not many banks will. The problem is that wonga take direct payments rather than standing orders or direct debits. You could check with Barclays that your old account has been frozen and that no more payments will be made? B
  3. Possibly not but they can transfer funds between accounts as part of their all sums due clause. This means they can take minimum payments for their own debts - overdraft, loans, cards etc. so if the payment to wonga makes you overdrawn then they can cover that with funds from your new account. You would be better with a completely new bank. B
  4. Good advice above. I've lost count of the number of applications that fail and then people come to CAB once their £100 is lost. Take info with you as it cannot be processed without the right documents Ie - tenancy agreement, 3 x bank statements and or pay slips, HP agreements, notability agreements, charge for payment etc B
  5. From the AIB website- 'Any assets aquired by the debtor after their discharge will not be transferred to the trustee.' As long as the trustee has not already claimed the PPI there is no reason why the OP can't have a go and keep the money. If 8% statutory interest is also added to any payment HMRC must be informed as the interest is taxable. B
  6. Hi seriouslyfedup The prescription and limitation Scotland Act states that a debt will be extinguished after 5 yrs - if no acknowledgment has been made by the debtor and a decree has not been granted. Check the new OFT guidance B
  7. Send them a copy of your income expenditure - this makes it easier - and ask them to keep the current arrangement in place. If your circumstances are unchanged then there's no reason for them to refuse. B
  8. Yes dotty it's the same here. On this occasion though there were two employed people in the flat. The council tax is joint and severally owed by both and no discount applies here as the 25% is a single adult discount. The OP is therefore liable for the full amount. B
  9. You need to give us more information. Who and where is the insurance company based? Where did they take court action? What paperwork have you received? B
  10. He could Send a SAR request which will give him all info the bank has in the loan for £10. Did he cancel the direct debit himself? Strange the bank didn't contact him when he stopped payments B
  11. The last payment or acknowledgement of the debt has to be 6 yrs ago (5 in Scotland) before it is statue barred. B
  12. He needs to let the bank know that this money was a benefit payment and is for rent. In hardship cases they should refund the money. He could get help with this from his local cab? Sometimes all it takes is a phone call to central collections while the client is there. B
  13. When you say debt advisory scheme do you mean a DAS? Debt arrangement scheme? If so then she is offering to pay them around 95% of the debt back herself. Don't be bullied into making payments when your daughter is dealing with it. B
  14. It's possible they treated your account as if the trust deed went through. They'll have archived it. If you had anything worth realising I'm sure the trustee would have sequestrated you and the creditors will know that. B
  15. Its time you talked to the accountant in bankruptcy. I haven't met a trustee yet that wont allow time for a mortgage to rent application. http://www.aib.gov.uk See if there's anything they can do like talking to the trustee. Then try and find a cab who has a money adviser and can go through a MTR application with you. B
  16. Can you find someone to buy out your equity? B
  17. Remember the debts are not only SB but prescribed. They are extinguished - gone. There is a prescriptions letter on the site somewhere B
  18. Some creditors will Mark credit files with late payments but a lot will only Mark missed payments The only thing I can think of is to add a note your credit file, not sure if it will help though as some of the payment was late.
  19. Hi lizilou Would be better if you started your own thread. The CSa deduction takes priority. They can take a max of 40% for ongoing and arrears through a deductions order. You could try asking them to take less, but this usually falls on deaf ears. The other arrestment should be calculated after the csa deduction. So - your monthly income, less the csa deduction = £xxx. Deduct £415 then work out 19% of what's left. This is the amount that can be arrested. Whatever the results you need to speak to an adviser at CAB to work out your options as you clearly cannot continue like this. B
  20. So - the payments were not made on the due date. Did you pay in full before the next due date, or did you pay it over time? B
  21. You should visit your local cab to discuss recalling the decree. What are your intentions to deal with the debt?
  22. Refer to Ida s post above. No matter whether the terms state the contract is under English law or not. If you are resident in Scotland then the prescriptions and limitations act applies to you B
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