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  1. OMG it was the 16th May. i never realised it was so long. wot shall i do??
  2. Owed Egg card just over 3K. I do owe the money and they sent me a copy of the agreement. Activa Kapital have been chasing me for sometime and i just dont have the money to pay. i am working but dont have the money to pay. Now i have recieved a court summons (northampton) and dont know what to do. Do i have to go to court? can i make an offer to pay monthly but a small amount? Its over 4K now with all the charges.Then this weekend i recieved a letter from Lewis Waterman- saying they can help me with my recent court summons and even stated the claim no etc. How do they get this info? Is it not a breach of my data? Can they help me?Need to do something but not sure what!Thanks
  3. Ok i will do that today and come back and let you know the outcome. Could be a long wait as it took 3 months for them to get back to me in regards to the last letter. Thanks again
  4. Thank you London & Southestern trains. So worried that we will get clamped again. Can they do this? The car is still on HP! What a [email protected]@dy mess i am in...
  5. Hello I need help with this one please. I got a parking ticket in a train station car park in December when it was snowing very badly and thought no one would possibly be able to get out and issue tickets. I just about managed to drive to the station! Anyway got a ticket, it came in my Sons name as its his car, and i wrote to them saying that my car had got stuck and as they had made no effort to clear the car park. I had no choice but to leave the car. Anyway they never wrote back and yesterday i got a scary letter demanding £90. I am barly surviving at the moment and cant pay it. Letter from PCN Debt recovery and prosecution service. Says failure to pay will see me in the Magistrates court under the railways byelaws. If i dont pay it within 14 days it will increase to £145. A couple of years ago baliffs arrived at the door and cleamped the car which ended up costing me over £445. Scared this will happen again. I cant pay it so wouldrather end up in court than the baliffs adding costs etc again. Is this a legal ticket? I mean if i ignore them will they go away or not? Thanks in advance for the replies.
  6. letter from AK says ' although we purchased the right to recover the outstanding balance due under the original agreement.... and i thought that meant they had bought it....am i wrong?
  7. oh getting scared and confused now. I thought as it had been sold to a dca then egg had no more to do with it. I have the SAR all ready to go but not sure if i should rock the boat now. Maybe i should just make an offer to AK and start paying it off Thanks though...
  8. Ok thanks will do. confused though so will be back looking for help when i get the paperwork. Thanks again
  9. Just about to do a SAR to Egg and a harrassment letter to AK - but i have just noticed that they took 16 working days to provide me with credit agreement. Shall i still go ahead with sending the letters or is there something else i should do. Thanks
  10. OC is that original creditor? New to all the lingo lol thanks again.
  11. no i never got a copy of all the statements. How do i get them all? Thanks
  12. Thanks for the quick reply. Its almost 4K. Rather a lot i know!. Looks to me like the agreement is how it should be. Does it make an difference that i ticked a box for my signuture and that they dont actually have my signature. wishful think on my part i think!!
  13. These guys are seriously hassling me. 5 missed calls today! I had an Egg card then got into trouble after a separation. I got the card in 2005 and not made any payments since 2007. After being passed around dcas these guys now have it. I wrote them a 'prove it' letter and was a bit a shocked to get all the documents in the post today. Its basically copies of the online agreement i done with them with tick boxes. There is no way i can make any payments to these people. I am just about managing my priorty debts and have agreements with my mortgage provider and more recently council tax. I know i do owe the money and will need to do something about it but just cant at the moment. Anyone have any ideas what to do about this. Thanks
  14. Hello, I got one of these tickets last May whilst driving my daughters car. She recieved a letter in the post and i was about to write a cheque then 'googled G24'. Swiftly ripped up the cheque and never paid. They wrote about 5 or 6 and then i wrote to them pretending to be my daughter and said i was not paying and that i was not driving the car. Not heard anything since August last year. G24 can go whistle.
  15. this was a couple of years ago. I will send them a SAR. No refund at the time just adjusted the payments. I will give this ago. Thanks again.
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