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  1. Oh god, thanks for your advice even if it is grim. I have offered to HR to pay it all back and I have always ticked the box to say it is personal. The only things I ever charged to the company were always pre-approved by my manager so hopefully they will see that at least. Believe me, I will apologise at the meeting - I have already apologised to the HR partner who has been handling this and let her know that I was always intending to pay it asap. I am a bit confused though as called the ACAS helpline this afternoon and they told me that it is up to the employer to prove that no-one els
  2. Thanks for your reply. I'm pretty sure they don't get charged interest but I'd be happy to pay that if they did. The HR person did mention that they were deciding how to proceed with this and whether it should be treated as a disciplinary matter or a fraud matter.
  3. OK, I've also just been told by a friend of her experiences with loan sharks so I guess I won't go down that route....I'm just going a bit mad with the not knowing and the inaction!? Thanks for the replies though Oh well, turns out some of my marketing knowledge is useful to people on here so I'll see if I can make myself useful to distract myself :-P
  4. Hmmm...I did an internal marketing campaign where we used employee photos on benefits leaflets sent to all company employees. We had to get sign off from each employee that was photographed (they volunteered) to say they were happy for us to use their photos. Check out the site called 'employee privacyrights.co.uk and yourprivacy.co.uk - they both have sections about this (the second site is more specific) and also check your employment contract to see if there was a clause in there about use of the image. Also, did you sign anything when you gave your photo to the company or did you subm
  5. Thanks, the subject isn't dealt with anywhere in the employment contract - just the one line in the expenses policy that says it shouldn't be used. I am trying to get a loan to pay it off asap but the only loan I can get is from a finance company with stupid rates on interest. I'm scared that if I get one of tose and then get fired I won't have the money to pay it off then I'll be facing loan shark collectors. I'm not sure which is worse leaving it till I am paid or risking the loanshark option? Does anyone have any experience with pounds to pocket or maxcroft?
  6. Hi and thanks for the reply. This is the first time I have not paid off the card fully. I had in the past paid it off each month (a few days late once or twice but paid off). I don't know if other people have done that too but I can't imagine I am the first person in the company to pay it a little late (it will be 17 days late by the time I pay it completely) . I know that I pay any late charges rather than the company? Does this make a difference to how they are likely to judge me for this?
  7. Hi everyone, I could really do with some advice please? I have been reported to HR by my manager for using my corporate amex card for personal expenses. This does not mean that the company paid for my personal expenses - I used the card and then paid the bills myself. I know that there are many other people in the company who do this including many senior managers and my boss's boss. There is a line in the expenses policy about not using the card for personal expenses but then there is also a checkbox in the system that says 'do not reimburse - personal expense'. I admit that I let i
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