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  1. A couple of points that seem to have been overlooked with smart meters: 1. They are advertising that smart meters will save energy, perhaps somebody could tell me how this will happen. At the moment I have a normal meter, and lets say I need to use 10Kw/h per day. I have a smart meter installed I am still going to use 10Kw/h per day, all I have done is change the meter. So where is this miraculous saving I am going to make? 2. When everybody has a smart meter installed, I can just see the energy suppliers, rubbing their hands with glee, as they suddenly decide to implement 'on deman
  2. First personalised one I have ever seen. Makes no difference still not paying anything.
  3. Hi People Every month without fail we receive the usual letter from TVL, you know the one that always starts " ... no record of a TV Licence ... ", now usually when we receive this letter it is addressed to "The Legal Occupier", well this months letter was different. This month the letter was actually addressed to my wife by name. It seems that this is a new approach, maybe they got fed up with all the returned letters! I am interested as to why it was addressed to my wife, as the it was addressed to "Ms ..." not "Mrs ..." which is the title she uses It doesn't really bother
  4. Hi All I have an interesting one for you, perhaps you can help answer my query. I bought a former RAF married quarter back in December 2016. When we bought the house we were told that the water supply company was Severn Trent Water Services (not to be confused with Severn Trent Water but they are part of the same company). Now Severn Trent Water services have a license to supply business customers and as far as I know their license does not include the supply of water to retail customers. As you can guess we are not a business and therefore should be supplied w
  5. Hi The first link is for a company - Cuerden Grange Management - since this company is currently showing as a dormant company it cannot make any charges or collect any payments, and does not need to prepare any accounts as it has no assets or liabilities. the question to ask is how can another company collect payments on behalf of a dormant company, sounds like they are just pocketing the money!
  6. I think you will find that that address is no longer correct, in fact I think the building in that location have even been demolished, the correct address now seems to be Ascot House, Maidenhead Office Park, Westacott Way, Maidenhead SL6 3QQ
  7. Go to https://www.gov.uk/personal-tax-account And create an account, you can then look at your tax details on line and track all communication with HMRC
  8. In a way I suppose your are correct, but even with this information they then have to prove that the particular IP address actually accessed programs via iPlayer. Its made even more complicated because a single IP address may be used by several devices for example my router has the following devices attached - my laptop, my wife's laptop, my eldest son's desktop, my youngest son's laptop, my youngest son's iPad, my mobile phone, my wife's mobile phone, my wife's tablet, my kindle, my work phone, my work laptop, a backup drive, so that's 12 devices, now prove which one is accessing iPlayer as a
  9. Even if they were recording your IP address its not much use to them as most IP addresses are dynamic and you may not have the same IP address today as tomorrow
  10. Never thought about the cookies as mine get cleared out every week automatically, so I expect to see the question again shortly, I think I will keep answering yes every time it pops up and asks me Its still not going to get people to buy a TV license to use iPlayer.
  11. Since this requirement went live on 1 September, I have accessed iPlayer to find out how they are checking if people have a TV license! What a surprise there is now a question when you connect to iPlayer that asks if you have a TV license, and has a simple yes/no answer. If you enter Yes then you get connected and can watch, if you answer No presumably it disconnects you. So the question to ask now is, if you don't have a TV license and you answer the question Yes what are they going to do? PS it only seems to ask the question the first time you connect!
  12. When I first saw this article I had to check my calendar! Had I somehow overslept and woken up on April 1! The biggest load of Bull Faeces ever produced! Are Capita/BBC TV Licensing going to start to do what Golden Eye already tried and failed, even if they could somehow match wifi packets to iPlayer video packets how would that prove someone was watching iPlayer? It would be interesting to see the first persecution brought on this evidence, and of course to bring about a successful prosecution the complete details of any technique would have to be provided to the def
  13. You can prove you are not the landlord by using the Land Registry, for a fee (which you can pass on to Thames Water) you can obtain details of the current and any previous landlord of the property.
  14. First of all ignore LCS as advised. Then contact HMRC you can use google to find the number to call and it will certainly not cost 7p per minute. When you talk to HMRC you can make arrangements to pay them direct and by instalments, they will even set up a Direct Debit over the phone, and then send you details after a few days. This is what I did, I paid off this overpayment. However LCS still write to me chasing the payment. If you want to phone them the DO NOT use their 0844 number at 7p per minute. There is a very useful website called saynot00870 just go their and search
  15. Its not been mentioned yet. But it may also be worthwhile sending a SAR to FedEx to find out where your payments have been going!
  16. Ok Some figures! There are approximately 2 million students currently at UK Universities (figures from HESA). If you assume that 10% are not from the UK, and 1/3 graduate every year that give you a rough number of 600,000 graduates every year. By their own estimates 45% do not repay their loans so we get 270,000 students who will not repay their loans every year The current prison population is about 80,000 (home office figures). So where are they going to find room to accommodate the 270,000 graduates - remember this is an on going number so after 1 year the
  17. If the house has been (or is being) demolished then the meters would have been removed and the owners of the meters would probably have them, why not go and have words with the demolition company and find out who this would be, and then refer BG to them!!
  18. You have some legislation on your side Late Payments of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998. Late Payment of Commercial Debts Regulations 2002. Late Payment of Commercial Debts Regulations 2013. Worthwhile taking a look at the details, as you can claim interest, etc
  19. You probably didn't miss an letters, if its a communal letterbox, then the freeholder cold have intercepted the letter quite easily, don't assume you missed it
  20. Presumably there was a letting agency or landlord involved they may have the readings for when your friend moved in. We rent our house through a letting agency and when we moved in they use an inventory company to record the condition of the house and any meter readings, we were then handed a copy of this document as well as one being sent to the letting agency.
  21. If enough people complain to the retailer perhaps the PPC will move elsewhere, probably to what is possibly their most profitable business the NHS Hospital Trust Car Park.
  22. I for one would not deal with a company that is 1 of 137 registered at the same address, especially when their SIC code shows 74909 - Other professional, scientific and technical activities not elsewhere classified. Which has nothing to do with Utility Supplies which are SIC codes starting with 35. You can find a lot about a company by using Companies House Webcheck, and once you have an address searching for the postcode
  23. Only register for VAT if your annual earnings are above the VAT threshold, or you are likely to exceed the current VAT threshold in the current quarter. Once you start paying/claiming VAT it can be a bit of a minefield so you should only register if you need to. When I first started self employed I registered for VAT, about 2 years down the line I had a VAT audit from HMRC, and the VAT inspector after gong through my earnings asked me why I had registered, and suggested that in deregister as I was unlikely to exceed the VAT threshold for the foreseeable future. So that's precisely what I did,
  24. I always thought that if all 4 wheels were over the stop line that you were allowed to continue as you had already passed the lights when hey turned to red. The problem with may sets of traffic lights is that there is only one set - at the stop line, and once you are past you cannot see the lights.
  25. And if its was some time back when you sold the car then also expect a fine from the DVLA for not notifying them of change of keeper details.
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