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  1. Thanks Wriggler7 for your comments - very interesting questions and comments. I have already sent off my comments for review to the Revenue Protection Prosecution office (I probably would have changed the wording after reading previous posts from these forums but it was a reasoned argument not a rant!). I may well have travelled in on the 11th but this would have been under a seperate set of out/return Carnet tickets. I think it's important to state that I did not intentionally alter the date of the ticket in any way which is why I am so frustrated with my situation i.e. it's possible at
  2. I have recieved a notice from the revenue collection agency giving me the opportunity to report on my incident. I was at Marylebone station on my return leg (outbound went without incident). My ticket wouldn't go through the turnstyle (as is often the case). when I presented it to the railway staff I was questioned about the date I had entered on my Carnet ticket. I have a biro pen which does work on these tickets and to me the date was pretty clear. Although I did not in any way change the date, my ticket was seized and I was given a warrant to travel/notice of ticket irregularity (after a
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