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  1. Hi I have a similar situation to yours, I was a member for 2 years and I thought it was 2 months notice that you had to give to DL to terminate the contract which I put in writing and I paid the 2 months membership fee, however, I am now receiving constant calls from ARC stating I still owe another month as it is 3 months notice that I should have given. I said to them that I will be speaking to DL about it as I have logged onto the DL membership website which states I have no outstanding costs. They replied to me stating that they will send me a letter anyway stating I will need to attend Northampton Court as DL will be pursuing the matter. Is it worth me writing to the HO like you have as I feel that it is completly unfair as I have to pay additional late charges on top. Did you have any luck with your case? Thanks
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