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  1. My daughter has been private renting for 6 months, Today she mentioned that when she needs a repair doing a council van turns up. I searched on land registry to discover that she is renting her home from the council but paying private landlord rental fees. How can they charge her considerably more for rent yet many houses in her street owned by the same council they are charging them tenants much less.
  2. I took a vehicle on Finance provided by the car finance company on 16th July 2014 first payment due 2nd of August 2014. The amount of credit was £4850 I have paid 24 payments of 236.05 at an Apr of 49.6% I asked for a settlement figure and they said if it's paid by 10th of August it would be £2448.19 If I paid after the 2nd of August I would only have 11 payments left which including interest would be £2596.55 I would only be £150 better off by settling it early. I thought according to the law interest is capped at 0.5% if you have 12 months or less remaining to pay. Voluntary terminating the agreement is not an option as i need a car for work, Is there a way I can work out a rough estimate of what my real settlement figure should be?
  3. Thank you dx100uk Much appreciated.
  4. Hello, Am I correct in assuming that all debts prebankruptcy and the rights such as PPI remain part of the estate belong to the official receiver. Would I need to obtain special permission from the official receiver to acquire the rights such as a PPI award? I was discharged from bankruptcy just over 2 years ago
  5. Thank you both for your input it is most welcome and deeply appreciated.
  6. Thank you. VT is something I had considered has the car will be 9 years old this year and if I let the HP payments go the distance I wouldn't get much if I part ex the car. I'm just worried that they will try to pursue me for extra money afterwards.
  7. I took a vehicle on hire purchase from the Car Finance company in August 2014, over a period of 36 months with an APR of 49.9% I have paid 19 payments never missing any. I hope in 5 months time at the 24 month stage to have saved enough to settle early in full and final settlement. I believe that by law the interest is capped on what the Lender can charge in the event of early settlement. Can someone please explain how this works out?
  8. Hi, I have changed trusts, although I am entering into my 3rd year of NHS service it is with a different NHS trust
  9. I started work as a band 2 Healthcare Assistant on 3rd of February 2014 on point one on the payscale. In April 2015 point one was abolished for a band 2 so new starters would start on point 2 On 3rd February this year I'll be moving into my 3rd year of NHS yet I'll only go onto point 3 so it feels like I'm a year behind. Would I have a case for asking for the next increment up?
  10. gideonssword


    I worked at an NHS hospital 2 years ago on a temporary contract. When I left I was supposed to hand my uniform in to be destroyed, I am an Healthcare Assistant. I have just returned to the same hospital to take up a permanent post. The hospital will not let me have any uniform this time unless I pay for it out of my own pocket. Can they legally do this? I thought they as an employer they have a duty to provide clothing for the particular role.
  11. I am on a 3 year service plan for my Nissan note which I pay £14.46 per month and at the appointed time they service the car and I don't pay anything. During the week I took it for a service as the service indicator sign was on. To my amazement they refused to service the car stating that it was too soon from my last service and demanded £80 as it was a major service and they claimed it was too soon from my last service. I've had the car 17 months when I started the plan the vehicle had 36500 miles on the clock it now has 64150 on the clock and this would be my 3rd service since starting the plan. I don't recall them mentioning anything about mileage or frequency when I started the plan. When should I now try to get them to service the car?
  12. Hello, Yes he is named on the birth certificate so would have parental responsibility.
  13. Thank determindator I think now that my daughters boyfriend doesn't have the maturity to look after a baby. Maybe I'm wrong but he could be looking for a way out and hasn't got the guts to be honest about it.
  14. Thank you for your responses, I hope they can talk things through.
  15. I have a grandson who is a 1 month old baby, my daughter has lived with the babies dad for 6 months. Once the baby was born he changed so much. He won't feed the baby, change its nappy or anything he just plays on his PlayStation. Him and my daughter are both 20 years old. He called my daughter an unfit mother and all sorts of names basically psychological abuse. My daughters boyfriend has gone to stay over at his mum and dads tonight they are demanding the baby tomorrow at 10.30 am for several hours my daughter is fretting that they won't hand him back. If the dad is with the babies grandparents can they legally keep hold of him,?
  16. Thanks Dodgeball, I am 3 payments short of 50% If I look into a mobility car by the time we choose one and it arriving a few months may of passed so yes it seems the best way to go. How do I go about mobility? Do I just take the letter to a mobility dealer? Sorry I've never done this before so I don't know how to go about it. Any advice is most welcome
  17. Thanks for the information. There has been a development since posting this, We have been awarded mobility for my autistic Son so we could get a new vehicle. It does make more practical sense to get a new car as on this HP car I'm paying £236 a month for an 8 year old car I'm a bit nervous of voluntary terminating the agreement as the company will most likely "try it on"
  18. I bought a car on hire purchase and I am 15 months into a 36 month agreement. My question is can I increase the standing order payments to pay it off earlier as opposed to saving up a lump sum to clear it off? Many thanks.
  19. Thanks, They want to charge her £158 to swap black box across even though the premium will not increase At least dick Turpin wore a mask
  20. The company is Woop insurance through Collingwood. Thanks uncle Bulgaria
  21. The company that insures my daughters car have gone bust. She has just paid off the last monthly instalment and the company have said they will honour the insurance policy which runs out in December. My daughters car needs replacing and she is due to get another one this week but on her old car she has a black box fitted with being a new young driver, In the event that we can't swap it across to the other car could they honour the last few months of insurance without it? Her old car is completely kapput, so repairing that is not an option,
  22. Part of the hedges were ripped up by the company that was sub contracted to do the work by my housing association, I have a photo to upload if someone can explain to me how to do it on Android
  23. I want to find out how they allocate funding for repairs and property maintenance. Across the rear of my back garden and my neighbors garden their were hedging. The housing association put a new fence along the back of my neighbors garden but did not put one across the back of my garden. To make matters worse the sub contractors that carried out the fencing work have left a gaping hole in my hedgerow compromising the security at the back of our home.
  24. Not sure if this is the right place on the forum for this post. Under the freedom of information act I want to know what my housing association does with its revenues, Is it a Subject access request I need to put in to find out?
  25. I work in an NHS hospital and some days I finish certain shifts at 9pm then start the following day at 7.30 am What is the legal minimum hours between one shift finishing and the next one starting? I always thought it was 11 hours.
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