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  1. Has anyone had a fault with an automatic gearbox on a Megane? My Dad's has one with an 02 plate but with only 20,000 miles on the clock. The developed a gear box fault in March 2009 and several visits to the Renault agenst failed to identify the cause, but he was advised to have the AVM valve replaced as 'experience' showed that was the solution. He shelled out £600 in repairs but the fault was soon back. He has now paid for a new gearbox. We suspect that this a recurring fault because, whomever we consult, including gearbox specialists, seem to say that they are familiar with the fault and it's down to this vavle. One Renault repair agent has even gone so far as to say that the replacement didn't solve the problem because it may have been wrongly fitted. We have, of course, written to Renault who deny that this is a recurring fault and claim that it has never been reported to them before! Any supporting experience from forum members would be useful as we intend to battle on ............... !
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