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  1. Hi, hope you can help me. I don't want to name my provider in case it inhibits my case, although it isn't really relevant. I had digital tv/phone/broadband installed two months ago. Since then my tv has had static issues along with sound and gave of increasingly bigger shocks when touched. It finally lost it this morning and died. I plugged my portable in and it buzzes and you can feel the fizz of it from one inch away. I put my freeview box back in and the portable is fine. Obviously the digital box from the provider is wrong. I've called them and they are sending out a technician later in the week. My query is... are they liable for my original big tv which they broke? The contract says that they are not liable if their equipment breaks my equipment. How can this be right? Should I keep the dodgy box and have it independently tested? Thanks for your help.
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