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  1. I've Sen t them 5 deferments and they've rejected all saying I need to fill in their form, I'm hellbent on resolving the matter not aggro
  2. I haven't been told to let it drop, I don't want to be harrassed any more and I don't know what else to do
  3. Sorry just to be clear the investigator at the ombudsmen said she couldn't officially rule and so she was handing over to an adjudicator.......that was at the beginning of April. I just wanted erudio to be held accountable and for this whole debacle to finally end. My complaints and challenges are falling on deaf ears. In fact in around April erudio said that my account was on hold until they had investigated my numerous complaints but still no response only demands for money, statements of arrears and threats of court. Arrears have only accumulated because they have refused to accept my 5 previous deferments. It's very stressful, please help
  4. Yes everything has been logged as its nearly all been done via email. What I really want to know is can I take erudio to court and if so what is the process?
  5. I've done all of that and everything humanly possible I just want to know If erudio can be taken to court, the process and can I use harassment as grounds. I don't want to waste anymore time corresponding with erudio as its futile and its really weighing me down. Please any advice on taking erudio to court
  6. Hi all, I've posted on here before regarding Erudio and their insistence that housing benefit is part of my gross income. the old SLC never considered housing benefit without this being included I'm substantially under the repayment threshold and I'm over the repayment threshold when it's included. I have been arguing that housing benefit is a non taxable income which was never considered by the SLC and that under the T&Cs of the loan is an exempt income. I have raised this with the ombudsmen however they initially ruled in favour of erudio however it is now being dealt with by an adjudicator as I expressed that I wasn't happy with the decision based on the fact the investigator failed to consider relevant information I.e. I have deferred for the previous 6 years under the same circumstances and on the basis they had not considered that housing benefit is a means tested non taxable benefit. This situation has been going on for two years nearly and after two years of unrelenting correspondence and complaints I've had enough, I have mental health problems and I find this very stressful. About 4 months ago I offered them £50 per month simply because I want them off my back, I could afford that presently (though if my situation were to change I couldn't) and I don't dispute I took out student loans but erudio refuse to accept that I meet the deferment conditions or my offer, they continue to send me letters. I just want the matter to be concluded after two years. My question is can I take Erudio to court and let them settle the matter. If so what do I do and what would be the best grounds for legal action I.e. harassment? thanks for your help and advice
  7. Ok, I will submit old slc deferment form. I feel that I Could afford 25 but if that means I am entering into a new agreement with them and that they can mess up my credit file which I have worked so hard to rebuild then it's not worth it. I will keep you all updated no doubt I will need further support and advice
  8. Hi DX, I hear what you are saying but to be honest I cant be bothered with the hassle of deferring every year and I think that I could afford to pay £25 and would prefer to do this rather than having to deal with them any more, what is the best way to do this?
  9. Thank you for that DX. By any chance do you know where I can get an old SLC deferment and could I write an accompanying letter saying that I will make a payment of £25 per month to be honest the process of deferring under erudio has caused me a lot of stress and I would prefer to avoid it. Again, what would I say about not signing their papers?
  10. Brassnecked, they should NEVER EVER use DLA. Report them to ombudsman if they do.
  11. Hi all, thought that i would give you an update since my original post and get some further advice from you all. I made a CCA request in March and have only just got a copy of the credit agreement i suspect that i only received this because they made a complaint to the Ombudsman about Erudio's conduct, they continued to write to me making demands for money, they also say i now have £800 worth arrears which i feel is not the case because the account was in dispute. they want £186 per month from me, there is no way i can afford this, my salary is only £900 per month. Under the old SLC i would have been able to defer but under the new system my Housing Benefit takes me substantially over the threshold. I know that under the sale of the loan no-one should be worse off but to be honest i cant deal with the drama of deferring every year i think that I am going to offer to pay £25 per month, will they have to accept this. Also; 1) can i refuse to sign any forms they request me to sign for example i want the SLC to remain the original creditor and not sign anything that would transfer this to Erudio 2) Do I have to provide them with direct debit details to make this payment 3) I am happy to provide income details but do I have to provide expenditure details, I am only agreeable to supplying rent and childcare costs 3) If they reject my offer what can I do to challenge them. I thank you in advance for your support and advice
  12. I agree and based on the fact that DCA's cannot legally change the terms of the original agreement should be fine, if they don't comply with my request then the debt then becomes unenforceable in law, so here's hoping. This would not happened if they had not acted so unscrupulously and not tried to con money out of working low income families
  13. Having deferred for the last five years (and my circumstances have not changed) I can assure you that neither housing benefit nor child tax credits were used in the SL calculation, their calculations are based on gross taxable income not gross income (there is a difference), my deferment was not a mistake on their part or out of the goodness of their heart. I'm not sure there is much point in debating this point much further but perhaps it would be useful if you posted the original loan agreement so the experts can have a look. The original agreement needs to be pre 1997. Just so you all know I sent a request for a copy of my original loan agreement, 10 days in no response or even acknowledgement of my request. I will keep you updated.
  14. Old student if that was the case why did the SLC accept my defermenta over the last 4 years, my circumstances have not changed and they didn't do it out of the goodness of their heart. And on the last link I posted it clearly stated taxable earnings, welfare benefits are not earnings. Contracts and their terms and conditions are not based on semantics that are open to interpretation. This situation can no longer cause me any anxiety because my vibrational energy is high and even if I'm wrong (which I doubt very strongly) and I have to start paying, ill offer £5 or £10 which they will have no choice to accpet and if they attempt to corrupt my credit file I will report them to the OFT and the ombudsman for malicious activity and it will no doubt be removed and if its not ill add a not to my credot file explaining the situation so that other potential creditors have some context. But yes I will keep you all updated, the account will now have to be put on hold as I've sent a cca request:)
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