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  1. Nice one, I will stick to the methylated spirit or one of many of the carcinogens in cigarettes
  2. Thanks for this information Bazza, I have no idea what triggered the eye test. The bottom line is that it is a herb which means its ok to use legal highs? I would never take Salvia and drive for instance as thats damn right irresponsible I see it as another way of enslaving us and extortion against the motorist. Thanks for your advice its very much appreciated
  3. A couple of years ago the police broke into my friends house on a few occasions and discovered small amounts of herb which was for personal use, each time I got cautioned. Then letters started arriving telling me to go for medical tests Since then I have already had a drugs test then an eye test then another doctor's test then a psychiatric test and now it's come back to them wanting me to go for another drug test as I got letter from dvla yesterday morning. This is causing me a lot of stress. Are they able to do this? Thanks
  4. Thanks Leah, Myself and my son are gutted. On their notice to terminate an introductory tenancy, it says that court proceedingswill not be begun after 22nd October, I have the right to request the council hold a review. Typically how long would it take from that date should we vacate on the 22nd October as somehow we need to get a deposit together and find a place and then work out how we going to get all stuff across to new place. Any further advice would be much appreciated
  5. Where do I start.. I am a sub tenant of a Housing Association property?? I have been letting a 2 bedroom flat from my landlord for about the last 14 months and then I had to put in a claim for Housing Benefit about 5 weeks ago but unbeknown to me he didn’t have permission to sub let it to me as the housing officer turned up and said I have a month to get out. I then get a letter through from housing benefit saying they are declining my claim I HAVE ASKED CORNWALL COUNCIL 7 TIMES SO FAR why they awarded me Council Tax Benefit but not Housing Benefit? I still haven’t got a straig
  6. My account has been limited, its verified and they want all this information. I have made a couple of withdrawals to my bank account....I assume they think I have a Paypal business account due to what they asking for below..? I have been paid £165 by someone last week then £90 by someone this week, then £270 for a laptop which I refunded from Ebay as the buyer no longer wanted it, so I relisted it and sold for £240 buyer paid via paypal so done withdrawal to bank account of about £500 in total and they have reversed it and want me to do the following.. 2 Feb 2011 Resolv
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