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  1. It says Household Insurance premium, they have also charged for repairs to the property after the repossession (amongst other fees). During the periods before the scheduled repossession date they have been charging arrears fees
  2. I have now received a response to my SAR and it includes microfiche outputs dating back to the start of the mortgage, it includes payments made, dates of letters they sent to various addresses. They haven't included a copy of any contract I may have signed for the mortgage though, it all looks like computer outputs. Should they have included copies of signed contracts ? Also Dryden have asked me to complete an I&E form saying I have to do this so they can assess how much I should payback per month - do I have to complete this
  3. Received a response from Bank of Scotland (re my SAR) and they say that the account number I stated was not recognisable a HBOS account, I only quoted the same ref they quoted when they wrote to me in July! They are now asking for further info e.g DOB and previous addresses. I take it that its ok to reply with the info ?
  4. Thanks for the links dx, I received the similar letters as Wigster did in the other thread. As I have been paying off this debt (latest payment in July 2014) have I admitted liability as drydens suggest ?
  5. Thank you The bank may have sent letters to the property but as I moved from away I never received them nor did I make any formal contact with the bank, infact the letter I received yesterday from Bank of Scotland was the first contact. DLC sent a letter to my new address in April 2004 and I panicked and rang them. Also Drydensfairax in their letter have said that as I "have made payments towards this account in the past we have determined that the account is not in dispute, there is no valid legal reason for it to remain unpaid and that these payments are an
  6. The debt is for a shortfall after repossession, at the point of repossession the mortgage was £26,150, the property was sold (by the bank) and the shortfall was £15,150. I moved town before the repossession so the information here is what the drydensfairfax have stated in their recent letter to me (I have no records). They have however stated in their letter that the property was sold in 1899 !
  7. Hi I hope someone can help me. I will try and summarise below my situation and any help will be greatly appreciated. My house was repossessed in 1998, in 2004 DLC wrote to me requesting payment and unfortunately I responded. Since then I have been paying back an amount every month. Today I received a letter from Bank of Scotland saying they have withdrawn my account from DLC and passed it to Drydensfairfax with immediate effect and the reason is due to a process change within the bank. Attached to the letter was a letter from Drydensfairfax asking me to
  8. Hi – I hope someone can put me on the right road. Around 1999 I could not keep up with the repayments on our mortgage, so my wife handed the keys to the building society. I then moved to London and managed to get my life back together and got another mortgage. In 2005 I received a letter from DLC demanding money on behalf of their client. Unfortunately I panicked and contacted DLC and arranged payments and have been paying ever since on a monthly basis. In the beginning of January 2011 I received a call from DLC saying that if I didn’t increase my monthly repayments or make a full an
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