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  1. Sorry to intrude, I started a thread regarding the AQ but was directed to this thread. i have read the whole thread from start to finish, fantastic. I have just recieved the AQ, and am a bit confused since reading this. I was all set to fill it in and send it on in a hope to speed things up, but it appears that I the best thing to do is to wait until the last minute and hope they pay up. Am I right in waiting? Also when bombarding DG with emails etc, in the meantime, am I asking them if they are going to pay up before tha AQ is submitted. I've getting to this stage of the proceeding fairly painlessly, but I am now confused at the AQ stage. Apologies if this has already been discussed but there was a lot to take in. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  2. Hi nettyg, I've just sat and read your thread from beginnning to end, and enjoyed every minute, I must get some work done now though. There was a lot to take in, can you just clear something up, is it advisable to delay sending the AQ until the last minute and hope for an offer, while bombarding DG with emails in the meantime. Do you think they will make me an offer before the deadline? My claim is only for £300 so the extra £100 for submitting the AQ will not apply. I was all set to submit it this week in the hope to speed things up.
  3. I have reached the stage where I need to complete an AQ, but have not yet been made an offer to settle out of court. Is this normal, as most threads I have read have had an offer from the bank before getting to to the AQ stage. I have no problem with submitting the form, just wondering if it's unusual not to be made a settlement offer.
  4. Hi, I know it's a while since you started this thread but I have just remembered my wife had a catalogue with these a few years ago and if i remember, loads of charges, including a whopping "arrangment fee" when she asked them to reduce the monthly payments as she had finished work and couldn't afford the payments. Anyway to the point, did you get anywhere with them, as the thread ended suddenly. I don't have any account numbers as it was a while back so was wondering if you managed to get the statements from them, and any refund.
  5. RESULT. I sent them a letter threatening to refer my complaint about them to the Financial Ombudsman. And within a week I receive a cheque for the full amount.
  6. It's a con mate. They are still doing it, I've looked at their website. Surely this can't be legal, getting people to pay for a service they know they can't provide. If you decide to raise a claim against them let me know, I will be doing it myself but I have a few banks to hit first. I will keep you updated.
  7. I paid this company £75 to repair my credit file so that I will be able to "once again obtain a personal loan from a high street bank." (Their words). The advert said that the usual cost was £150, but they had a special offer. I know I was stupid to fall for this but out of desperation, I was prepared to try anything, as my credit rating was (and still is) very poor. They also said that if they were unable to repair my credit file they offer a full refund. I knew it was a con within weeks of starting the scheme as I was doing everything myself and they done nothing on my behalf. I finally gave up after 6 months of going round in circles and spending money on ordering my credit file several times. I have wrote to them twice asking for my money back but my letters have been ignored. Can I claim this money back in the same way as bank charges, or is this different as I voluntarily paid them the £75.
  8. I am ready to file MCOL against HSBC. The only thing I am concerned about is do you have to physically appear in a court if the bank don't settle the claim, or is it all done on your behalf. This has probably been answered elsewhere but there is so much to read and time is running out for me, as some of the charges date back to January 2001.
  9. Has anybody had their credit limit reduced on their credit card as a result of claiming back charges. Barclaycard have reduced mine by £50, and I have a feeling they will reduce it each month until my account is clear and then close it. This does not bother me as such, but are they allowed to do this?
  10. Those nice people at Yorkshire Band have threatened me if I go ahead with the claim against them. They said in a very long letter "Please note that should you proceed to raise court action against the bank in respect of this matter, the Bank reserves the right to lodge a counterclaim against you for damages suffered as a result of the breach by you of you contract with the bank." Is this just a standard threat to try and frighten me off, or do they mean it. I am only claiming for £150, and I don't think it will be worth the hassle if the bank decide to get nasty about it. Anyone else had such threats.
  11. I want to start action to reclaim my fees from a preference account I had 4 years ago. I can't find the address of the company as I destroyed all corespondance when I cleared my balance. Does anyone have the address to send DPA request Thanks
  12. I'm new to this so please excuse my ignorance. I have been offered half of the charges to be refunded to me. They have also claimed their charges are fair and transparent. It also states that the recommended fee by the OFT is £12. Is this true, I don't believe it is. The letter also says that they do not agree with the legal argument I put forward in my letter. It is advised not to accept a partial refund, but what is the next step if I want to persue it. Do I send another letter stating that I want a full refund or start the small claims precedure on the moneyclaim site? The letter closes with a patronising statement that to avoid further charges I should ensure my account stays within the limit and I make payments on time.
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