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  1. thank you both for such speedy replies . DX i wasnt sure i could pay council direct but has definately giving me something to think about as bailliff fees have taken up a good portion of the amount im paying . And brassnecked i will send email as wasnt confident in phoning them so shall point out that it was natwests blunder etc and see what happens . should i get onto natwest also ?
  2. hi all , have been paying jacobs baillifs £20 month for old council tax and use there automated payment line , it was due on the 20th of june and tried paying on 18th but as natwest were having problems i couldnt pay it . tried again several days later and again on the monday but no luck . forgot all about it until later that week and payment was successful . Now this morning i have had a letter from jacobs saying that as i havent kept to the arrangement i now have 4 days to pay in full otherwise a bailliff will come to my property and more fees will be added , i have only £173 on one and £701 on the other so really dont want more fees , is there anything i can do as i did try to make payment .
  3. ok thanks cat , will go and get P/0 this afternoon , should i make it out to marstons with my account number on the back , also is there a template that i can use to say why im doing this and should i contact the courts by letter also, just want to get it right .
  4. that would be great but dont have a chequebook with my account ,could send P/0 ,shall i just pay what i can afford ie,£20 per wk and say thats all i can afford
  5. hi uncle,have cancelled d/d and have been to courts in colchester only to be told there is no fines officer and that the court manager was not in and that he would only tell me to contact bailliff as the debt has now been handed over to them .im willing to pay an amount i can afford but who would i pay this too ,straight to the courts using online system or phoning bailliff with a reasonable offer ,though i understand he could refuse and then im back to square one again .
  6. also just another thing , just checked my d/d details and its collected by debit finance group , thought it was being paid to marstons !
  7. hi guys ,i know everyone is busy but really need to get this sorted by end of the day so should i cancel d/d to marstons as £162 is coming out on thursday and pretty sure i will not have funds to clear ,i know bailliffs will be round again but im prepared for that ,also if this does go back to court i am willing to pay the courts in the meantime using there online system so they know i am paying .also what do i do about bailliffs fees , sorry to harp on ,but im full of flu at the moment and probably not making much sense but if you read my latset post it explains more on the situation ,thanks again guys all your help is much appreciated as always
  8. can anyone please advice on my last post as really need to know asap ,thanks again
  9. hi guys i was fooled into believing he was hceo but further advice on here proved that he was a bailliff , at the time he said he could arrest me ,pretty scary stuff .But he is a baillif for marstons. Im looking for some advice on the last post that i made so any info would be greatly appreciated as i have till tuesday to cancel/or not cancel d/d .
  10. just a quick update , went to the courts this mrng ,politely asked to see the fines officer or court manager and was told that they have no fines officer in colchester and nearest one was in southend, and that the court manager was not in,when i asked when he would be in they just said they couldnt say .They then asked what it was about and explained and when they said i needed to phone blah blah i said that i had already done that and was told to phone bailliff direct and i said that i wasnt prepared to do that as i find them very intimidating and he wouldn't listen , a man in a cloak then said if i couldnt pay then it would go back to court and then i could explain the reasons why im struggling to pay , now im happy for that to happen as then i would have a better chance to explain my position , but in the meantime should i cancel the d/d to baillifs and i know they will come banging on my door but i know not to let them in also they have not levied on anything and also i havent sighned anything with the bailliff, also in the meantime i can pay something towards the fine weekly so that when it does go back to the courts they will see i have paid towards it ,i know im probably jumping the gun here but there seems to be little choice ,any more advice greatly appreciated guys .
  11. thank you plodderton , just they as well as bailliffs look upon you as something they want to scrape of there shoes , will let you know the outcome tmrw , cant say that im not quaking but wont let these morons win x
  12. thought they were talking out their bums and did say that i needed to see someone regarding the fine and that was what they said ,oh well another trip to court tmrw morning and can i insist on seeing them regardless of what reception say ?
  13. wonkeydonkey advised me to go into the courts rather than ring them which is what i did but was told by the guys sitting at reception that this was not how it was done but to ring CENS enforcement office , really dont know where i go on this
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