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  1. I currently receive esa for depression/anxiety so will this affect her HB?
  2. Thank you so much Laura,she claims housing benefit so has to pay bedroom tax,if I wanted to move back in with her would this affect housing benefit further or would it stay the same because she pays bedroom tax anyway?
  3. Thank you so much,is there anyway to find out if she has secure tenancy?
  4. Hi everyone,my mum is worried about losing the house because she's recently split with my dad.we have a 4 bedroom house which we've had for over 20 years and us kids have grown up and left in that time. So mum and dad have been in the house but if dad leaves it will only be mum there,will housing association take house from her because it's too big for her? She has no rent arrears or anything,she wants to keep house and willing to pay bedroom tax for spare rooms Thanks
  5. Sorry haven't been on for a while,been having my own problems with depression/anxiety recently Friend still can't find her tenancy agreement think she's lost it,can she get another copy at all?or find out some other way what tenancy it is? I've asked a few friends and most say it doesn't seem right that they can evict her
  6. Checked with friend and she says they were called Normid housing back in 1992 then changed name to Touchstone then changed again to Midland heart
  7. Sorry but my friend can't find her tenancy agreement grrrr!!
  8. Friend went to the appointment today and they said same thing that if her partner doesn't move back in then they will take house off her because it's too big for one person,she doesn't want to lose house!!
  9. Sorry guys but can't find my thread about friend worried about losing house
  10. She hasn't actually signed anything just done it over the phone.Thank you so much for your help she's really worried at the moment
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