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  1. Firstly thanks for your replies. I have spoken to CCCS today and also written to Natwest advising that i am speaking to CCCS and to place my accounts on hold from any further action for the next 28days whilst i get advice. I sent the letters recored delivery so they cant say they never got them. I will report back on what happens on the back of this. Thanks Adam
  2. Hi all, This is my first post and am looking for a bit of advice. I have 2 Natwest credit cards and a natwest loan, The two cards are approx £1300 each on them and the loan is approx £9.5k remaining, I have not been able to make the last few payments to natwest on all 3 of these due to a downgrade in job/pay at work. I spoke to natwest about this BEFORE i missed any payments to let them know that in the coming months i would probably be having difficulty meeting payments, I have now missed serveral payments (approx 4) on both the cards and the loan. Today have recieved letters headed from a company called "resolvecall" basically saying that the bank have lost touch with me and that i need to contact them in the next 3 days or they will send someone to my house, Now up until now i have (propably quite wrongly) been ignoring them but want to start to contact them but still cant afford to make the payments. How should i go about this, should i call natwest so that i dont get some guy turning up on my doorstep or is there another way? Im just really wanting a bit of advice on this as i probably could ignore it but then who knows what may happen. Any advice ASAP would be really appreciated and thanks in advance for any replys posted.
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