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  1. Got given a caution and banned from all tk maxx stores - no great loss there.I didn't open the letter from RLP - just wrote ' no longer at this address - RTS' on the envelope and re-posted it.Didn't hear from them again.Good luck
  2. Thanks so much for all the help and advice - all comments duly noted and taken onboard. TK Maxx leaves itself wide open to refund fraud as on the receipt for example, a pillow, will be 'filled item', so will a duvet, a mattress topper, cushion etc. Clothes will come up as 'womens top' regardless of what kind of top. I certainly won't be going back there as too embarrassed, but they do seem to ask for it. (No excuse i know!).
  3. It wasn't a formal caution it was a simple caution and doesn't show up on CRB checks unless it's an enhanced check. What does OP stand for?
  4. Thank you ScarletPimpernel - I think you're probably right and that I should send a simple reply stating that the police did not charge me for any offence therefore why should they be asking for compensation? Also does anyone know how long this 'company' keep hounding people? Should I ask a solicitor to get involved on my behalf? Again, many thanks for any help with this.
  5. Hi there - I was accused of refund fraud at a TKM store by security who said they had cctv evidence and called the police. I was arrested and eventually given a simple caution. The duty solicitor said to ignore any letters from RLP and not even bother opening their mail as I had not been charged with a criminal offence. Is this correct? Can I ignore their bullying letters? I have read a lot about them on previous threads and do not want the hassle of a civil court case. Any advice gratefully received. p.s. I admitted to police that I had in fact returned a pillow with the pricetag and re
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