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  1. Thats the job you have it under control ! just stick to your timescales !
  2. just to muddy the waters even further the police dont check to see if your boyfriend is insured they are only interested in getting their fine and giving you your points so if i were in your shoes id make him take the points and pay the fine and never ever ever let him with your knowledge or without it take your car again ! lesson learnt !
  3. Thats just a standard reply you set the timescales here not them stick to your schedule and issue your letters on the expirey of the time limitations you have given them in your letters i.e prelim letter = 14 days for reply then Letter Before Action = 14 days for reply then after that issue court proceedings ! dont let them fob you off and stall you let them know your serious and you mean business ! they only seem to take notice once they have recieved their court summons so stick with it you will get there eventually ! i know at times it seems just to be dragging on but thats what they want to do frustrate you in the vain hope you give up they tried it with us all but dont give up you will win the same as all of us who have gone before you ! good luck my friend !
  4. yes interest can only be added once you have issued court proceedings !
  5. curleybap the date claim arose is the date they first charged you a penalty charge !
  6. To be honest a lot of us have in the past received such summaries of our accounts which have been spot on for charges taken from us however there was concerns from members who had in the past had charges refunded so you can still ask for more info regarding your SAR however if i were you i would start the process of asking for my money back the sooner you get your prelim and LBA sent of the sooner you can issue court proceedings because im sure you are aware if you read other posts the woolwich do not budge unless court papers are issued they will drag their heels at every chance they get !
  7. stop torturing yourself lol ! try putting it out of your mind for a while i know its hard but try sueing some other bank in the mean time ha ha ha !
  8. right hughsey now your cooking on gas ! so woolwich have until may 8th to send in their defence ! you will probably find they send it in by the 1st of may via a local belfast solicitor which they use for all their business nothing to worry about as once defence is entered court date is issued then you will get settlement the same as the rest of us ! so roll on may !
  9. give them 14 days ! should your case go to court by giving them 14 days it shows to a judge you have been reasonable in trying to negotiate a settlement ! stick to your schedule if nothing heard in 14 days issue proceeding although i think you will find they will credit your account with a goodwill gesture anything from £60 to £150 has been known to be credited to other claimants accounts if that happens just subtract it from your total and claim the remainder through the courts ! they will settle before it goes to court as court is the last place these peoplewant to end up in just keep the chin up and keep at it you will get there in the end !
  10. well done tam ! so far sounds good for all the graft you have put in to it and remember these parasites read our threads so less said sooner mended keep up the good work well done im pleased for you mate !
  11. Tam long time no hear just want to wish you all the best for monday my friend will be with you in spirit !
  12. thats it onwards and upwards im here if you neeed any help !
  13. nice1 nervous the day of reckoning for these guys looms large on the horizon dont panic i dont believe for 1 moment this shower will go into court so get ready for your settlement letter ! hold off on your bundles for a while have them ready on your pc but dont print them off just yet !
  14. Right hughesy stop panicking for a start ! im not to up to date with DCAs but i would suggest you drop them a line saying you do not acknowledge any debtto them or equidebt dont worry about them most of them as far as i can see just use scare tactics! regardung your claim in northern ireland small claims if you did it on line you can check when woolwich have to respond by it will be under return date however its usually between 4 - 6 weeks because its going from one juristiction to another ! also try reading through some of the threads on debt collecting agencies !
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