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  1. Will check when last payment was made. Also, on my SAR it says:"The written off debt on this account has been sold to a third party debt purchaser". If it is written off why did they sell it?
  2. Thank you for merging the threads. I thought I needed one per DCA!! I have just checked my credit file and it looks like the default date was 01/2008 for one account and 02/2008 for the other. Still not SB. Could not see anything else. The only respond to the DCA when they write to me. Thank you for your help.
  3. Thank you dx100uk. What do you think they will add on my credit file other than the default that Arrow Global had already posted there? Will check and report back.
  4. Hi there, It seems, from my SAR, that Arrow Global bought 'my alleged debt' from Orange. It then passes it on to two different deb collection agencies. Thanks to this forum, I have managed to get them to send the 'debt' back to Arrow Global. The latter gave one of the 'debts' to another DCA, NCO Europe. Again it failed to provide proof of the 'debt' and I wrote to both Arrow Global and NCO. I hadn't heard from them for over four months. Recently, NCO stared to ring me once to twice a week asking me to get in touch. I refuse to speak to them
  5. Thank you Bazooka. Do you suggest I seed the letter to Advantis or Arrow Global? Advantis were acting on behalf of the latter. Do you think they will pass this on to another DCA? Thanks
  6. *Update* Received a letter from Advantis saying the following: "we are no longer dealing with your account. Our client has notified us to cease collection on your account. Your account has now been closed and there will be no further action taken by ourselves." I am not sure I understand what is going on. Does it mean they could not find the paper work and as a result coudl not make legitimate claim; or does it mean they will simply pass it on to another DCA to have another go at tryring to get some money out of me? I am not sure I should interpret their letter as 'good' news! Any th
  7. I would like to add Fredrickson International. They do not seem to read the letters they receive. They have ignored all my requests and kept demanding payment.
  8. Fredrickson has decided to completely ignore my letters, including the one I sent to Bryan Carter. I received a letter from them saying that "as a gesture of goodwill we are prepared to accept a full and final settement on this account" Isn't that nice and generous?! What I do not understand is the following sentence in their letter: "We are prepared to offer you one final opportunity to pay before recommending to our client that they instruct their solicitors to issue a claim at: my address." what does it mean? Why do they mention my address rather than me? Can someone shed some lig
  9. Thank you both. Teed_off, my situation is somewhat different. I do not recognise it as a debt but as a penalty and have refused to pay since 2007. Others (there were a lot of people) in the same situation had their so called debt written off but mine seemed to have been pased on to Arrow Global. Is it worth responding to Carter's letter? Thank you.
  10. Fredrickson have been chasing me pay an alleged debt for about a month. I sent them a prove it letter which they ignored, but kept wrting demanding payment. I then sent them the data protection one but have not heard yet. Today, I received a letter from Carter demanding payment or they will recommend to their client that proceedings be issued without further notice. Can Freds just ignore my request to prove that I have a debt but forward my case to their solicitor for further harassment? My initial reaction was "please expedite the matter" but it might not be the best approach! Any sug
  11. Thank you Tingy for you reassurances. Arrow Global has given two alleged debts to two different DCA: Advantis and Freds. Advantis has not replied to my request yet and stopped sending letters. However, Freds ignored my request and sent the letter before action to whi I am going to reply. I know that they cannot take me to court because they do not owe the alleged debt. However, Arrow Global might as they seem to be belligerent and I want to be fully ready for them. I will carry on the letter game as yousaid and will try not to worry about it too much. Thank you for the support.
  12. Thanks Maroondevo. Not sure Tingy. Do I need at this stage? Or any other stage? How useful is it?
  13. I was thinking of asking for an SAR but hesitate between writing to orange or to Arrow global. Some posts recommended to send the request to the DCA and get them to do some work for a change but others said that you do not get the full info. What is the best approach? Thanks
  14. Thank you both. I appreciate the support and the help you all provide. I did as Bazooka suggested and I have a case number now. Spoke to a very nice person who suggested to write to Freds reiterating the request and I will do that very shortly. Tingy, have you had a reply from them yet?
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