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  1. gave written notice yesterday to leave at end of feb ,agent phoned today and said i can only give one months notice after 7 months ! which ties me till the end of marchI must say i'm confused I'd like to go into the branch and debate it with them but don't want to make a fool of myself,should I take it on the chin?
  2. HI I have a twelve month tenancy agreement with a break clause the company is Leaders. My first six months is up at the end of this month and would like to leave asap. Here is the break clause word for word: 1. the landlord shall be entitled to terminate this tenancy by giving notice to the tenant as follows: 1.1. the period of notice to be a minimum of 2 calender months. 1.2. the notice can be served at any time during the tenancy term but the tenancy cannot be terminated until after the first 8 months of the term. 1.3. the notice period will expire on the last day of a peri
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