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  1. Hi guys, Im back on with the Newlyn saga. So since I sent Newlyn the request for the breakdown of charges by registered post (which I checked they received) back in January 2011 they never replied to my letter. But I received since then: 04/02/2011 Letter about broken arrangement saying they're disappointed I have failed to honour my payment arrangement to discharge the above dbt. And to call their special arrangement team. I ignored it. 07/03/2011 Final notice - Bailiff removal for £636.02 Clearly not up to date. I ignored it. 17/03/2011 Committal notice M
  2. Hi Ploddertom, Thanks for your reply. Just checked with Royal Mail and my letters were received by Newlyn and the Council on 26 and 25 Jan 11 respectively. From your reply above I think I'll wait a little bit (I requested a reply within 14 days) to see if Newlyn reply to my letter with a breakdown of fees, bailiff visits, etc so I can write back to them disputing the charges based on their own words. In the meantime, do you think it is good idea to make a payment to Newlyn to clear the amount owed for their 1st and 2nd visit to show goodwill? (i.e. £42.50 minus £30.19 payment don
  3. Hi again, I am updating my case below. So on monday 24-01-2011 I sent a letter to Newlyn asking for a breakdown of all charges by signed for post. I also sent the Council via email and signed-for post a copy of the letter sent to Newlyn accompanied by a covering letter requesting to keep it on file for reference. Today I received post from Newlyn dated 24-01-2011 with the total outstanding of £636.03. The letter is a final notice prior to removal (?) Most interestingly, I also received today a letter from the Council themselves, dated the 24-01-2011. This letter thanks for con
  4. Thanks Ploddertom, This is a great idea. I will post a letter along these lines tomorrow to Newlyn and copy to the council. Newlyn said on the phone they would send me a statement but I am not too sure how detailed it will be so this one will help to clarify what they are claiming we owe. thanks again
  5. Hi outlawla, In reply to your questions: 1) yes, we did receive a notice of seizure, with a vehicle's registration plate number. My parter called Newlyn straight away to say the car was not actually owned by us. They acknowledged this and while on the phone my partner looked out the window and realised they'd levied on our neighbour's car which was parked outside! 2) According to the Statement of Account the bailiffs have paid the council the amounts owed. And with this last payment I made to the council directly there is no money owed at all to the council. thanks
  6. Hi guys, So this is my update. I called the Council this morning to pay the outstanding amount owed to them. I found last night online on the Lewisham Council Tax website an 'Internet Statement of Account 2010/2011' stating: - liability -> £1201.72 - costs -> £125 breakdown of costs: - liability cost council -> £50 - summons cost council -> £72 - summons cost justice -> £3 Payments: Bailiff payments: £1006.20 Breakdown of payments: - 16/11/10 -> £750 - 02/11/10 -> £256.20 Balance outstandin
  7. Hi guys, Thanks for your answers. I have actually remembered I could access my council tax account online on the Lewisham Council website. I've checked it and it shows the bailiff payments we did and the balace outstanding for the period which covers up to march 2011. It appears that the system lets me pay that amount online to clear the account. (only £320.52, against £636+ the bailiffs are claiming) So what I've decided to do is give the council a call 1st thing tomorrow AM and offer to pay outstanding amount in full on the phone and then ask them to make bailiffs back off as de
  8. Hi guys, I've been reading a lot of previous posts and it's really helped me to deal with the people at Newlyn. I've got a couple of specific question I'd be grateful if you could help me with: Newlyn's dealing with my debt to Lewisham council for 2009/2010 Council Tax for £1326.72 Never opened door or talked to bailiffs. 1st visit -> 17 Aug 2010 - no response 2nd visit -> 24 Aug 2010 - no response 3rd visit -> 2 Sept 2010 - no response - Van attendance charge (ATR) - Levied neighbour's car parked on street outside house. We don't own a vehicle. Oct 2010 - we
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