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  1. Contacted Cavendish today to get an update from their viewpoint, they say my account is reviewed every 6 months, but they are not doing anything with the account. This is worrying me as I've now moved house and starting afresh with finance and trying to get back on my feet. Should I still pursue them with a letter before claim?
  2. Is it the N1 form I fill in then? Won't the company request that it is heard closer to them?
  3. Ok folks had a bad year last year and ignored my car finance problem. If I raise an action against this finance company do I raise it in my local court or one nearest the company in England? Also as stated we had to take out further car finance to replace reposessed car, is it just the interest that we claim back for this? Also if we have to attend court would mean taking time off work, would we be able to claim expenses?
  4. Is there any rules on the length of shift that can be worked? We used to work 7.30am till 9.30pm with a 45 minute break(13.25hours) this was voluntary and we basically got an extra day off for it. Our work now have stopped this, we have asked to opt-out of the WTD, but they have refused us this option. But they allow our nightshift workers to opt out as they do around 72 hours a week. We have raised a staff grievance as these shifts have been worked for over 10 years without any problems and they allowed staff a greater deal of flexibility. But our management refuse to deviate from this and ke
  5. Will I just use the template letter that was in the link? How do I work out compensation for new finance?
  6. Ok he has replied that he has sent me all info they have and that no court order was applied for!
  7. Ok I will see if he replies to me tomorrow
  8. As per new car, we had to get my girlfriends mother to take out finance for us as we didn't want to go to another sub prime lender. I'm kind of realising they know they have jumped the gun. I'm awaiting the guy to email me tomorrow to find out if they have a court order or not.
  9. Cheers m8, have read that and sounds very similar to my case. I'm now going to send a final email asking if the last letter I got yesterday is all the documentation they hold on me, will report back as to what he says. Regards
  10. Been sent this link by a great member on here regarding my situation. I am in a similar position and have just received my SAR but not surprisingly their is no court order and the car has since been sold at auction for a fraction of the price. I'm not too clued up on how to go to court etc, don't know if law is different up here in Scotland
  11. Ok, and if they refused, how do you take them to court if they refuse?
  12. Nope I think that's everything, I sent him an email asking for court details, payment statement, list of penalties,details of sale of car at auction, beginning to think they never even bothered getting in one and went straight to auction!
  13. Ok got further info today, a statement of my payments and also copy of auction details, letter also states that no charges have been added to my account! Also no sign of court documents for reposession
  14. Well I'm still awaiting them sending me further details, but I'm thinking that they haven't obtained one. I never knew it would be possible to remove any trace from my credit file?
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