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  1. PS I did complain to everyone BB mentioned, the only response I got was from my local mp, Andy Burnham, who actually wrote to the MIB about my complaint, they replied with a load of BS about how they check every case thoroughly.
  2. The MIB customer service managers name is Chris Pugsley (well it was last year), he's the one who replied to my email and sent me letters. Maybe if you wrote a letter in a similar tone to my original email directly to him it may help: Chris Pugsley Linford Wood House, 6-12 Capital Drive, Milton Keynes. MK14 6XT
  3. I've received a reply letter from my mp (Andy Burnham) about my complaint concerning MIB. He has written to the Chief Exec of MIB (Ashton West). This is Mr Burnhams letter to MIB: "Dear Mr West I have been contacted by a constituent concerning fraudulent car insurance claims which lead to innocent drivers being pursued for car accidents they have never been involved in. My constituent contends that MIB pay out on claims without a proper investigation of the respective case. I have advised my constituent to refer any evidence to support these allegations of fraudulent activity to t
  4. I've complained about mib to everyone, more than once, but I've not heard anything, typical. The only thing I can suggest is try e-mailing them again (feedback@mib.org.uk) but this time try addressing it to Chris Pugsley, he's the customer service manager, maybe send him a letter through the post as well. Good luck, I know what you're going through.
  5. Congratulations Lily2011 well done. Did you send your complaint via Email or via Post?
  6. Did you get my message about asking Mib to put their findings in writing?
  7. As I understand it Mib can get over the statute barred thing by claiming it's 'equitable' to pursue their claim.
  8. No, I 'won' because Mib paid out before giving me the opportunity to defend myself in court. Email your concerns to Mib - feedback@mib.org.uk (I'd Email them as if it was your daughter)
  9. Just because her insurance had expired does not mean she's liable for the 'bump.' 'Faintheart' see my reply in the 'MIB-Close Credit Management - Claim issued' post. It worked for Randomfact and I.
  10. P.S. Don't forget to add the reference number.
  11. My advise would be to Email Mib at feedback@mib.org.uk as this seems to be the best way to get your case investigated. Tell them you've always denied liability, you've never been given the opportunity to defend yourself in court and that you think it's a fraudulent case. Add anything else you think relevant. When Mib recieve your Email they'll tell Ccm to postpone pursuing you for money until they've investigated you're case. Let us know what happens. Good luck.
  12. Bit complicated to explain but i'll do my best: The accident happened in May 2003. In April 2003 I was convicted of driving with no insurance (this does not mean I was liable for the accident) In January 2004 MIB sent me a form to fill in, on this form I apparently denied liability (I cant even remember getting this form) they said on the form I stated that the other vehicle purposely caused the bump by slamming their brakes on prior to impact. I never heard from MIB again until December 2010, they had instructed CCM to pursue me for their outlay. I emailed MIB with my concerns, MIB
  13. My advise would be to start with MIB, send an email to feedback@mib.org.uk and complain about not hearing from them for years and the main reason to complain is that you wasn't given a chance to defend yourself. When MIB receive your email they get straight onto CCM and instruct them to put your account on hold whilst MIB investigate your file. I got a letter from MIB today again apologising for not giving me the chance to defend myself and confirming they're no longer pursuing me. Good luck.
  14. I got banned or disqualified (not sure which or if they're the same thing) for a year and a fine.
  15. This is what I sent via E-mail to feedback@ mib.org.uk (without the space) - On the **/12/2010 I recieved letters from Close Credit Management and Motor Insurers Bureau (they both arrived in the same envelope) saying i owe £****.** for a claim made against me in 1994! This is the first i've heard of this claim in 6 years! I believe this is a fraudulent claim and after a quick internet search it seems there's lots of people received the exact same letters about dubious claims that've happened years ago. I'd like to know why I've not been contacted about this matter in 6 years?
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