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  1. I'm not often lost for words but I was tonight when I came home to find 2 letters from a company called Pastdue credit demanding a total of £660 in so called debt from a property I left 2 years ago and only lived in for 3 months. The funny thng is that I had no gas, and a Scottish Power pre-paid electric meter while I was there. I actually left the meter with £2 credit on it!The letter statesThe debt is from the period when you paid for your gas or electricity using a pre-payment meter. It could be due to1. Price changes not being reflected on your meter2. Using a payment card or key from another company or one belonging to another person.This is a pretty poor attempt at a [problem] - they even admit that the debt is not mine. I don't even want to dignify it with a response. I should probably go to the police because this is a criminal attempt at fraud really but then again I should respond just to tell them where to go. Surely this has no legal basis..I don't want to waste too much time on this - I have 2 jobs and 3 kids so really.......Any ideas how to resolve this swiftly and with the minimum of stress? Thanks in advance for any advice given.
  2. That's good news dpick...I'm waiting for Cap1 to get back to me on my claim. They were sent on the same day so Vanquis are at least good for something!
  3. Hi I recently received good advice on these forums re reclaiming £84 charges from Vanquis. Today, 14 days after claiming, I received a letter offereing me a full refund....but...it doesn't include interest. Obviously, at an average of 45%, this is a lot of money to me. And.... obtain full and final, they have given me two options. 1) Close my account and repay at my current rate - 41.2%pur. and 47.89 cash (which is most of it!) or.... 2) Keep my account, have it fee free, but pay £25 a year!! and, best of all my interest rates will be 54.9 and 59%!!! That, in my opinion is criminal. Now I don't need my |Vanquis card - as a bankcrupt 5 years ago I gota brilliant Coop simple account with a Visa debit card. I also have a Cap 1 card. (I was desparate for reasons I outline in my orig. thread) So, I'd really appreciate some advice. Can I reclaim interest, would they in peoples experience accept an interest-frozen repayment plan and should I take my complaint to the ombudsman? Thank you in advance - your work is truly sterling. No make that gilt-edged! Laxxmi
  4. Thanks and thanks! I'll do that - I've alreadty sent off the charges letter - I thought the whole reclaiming charges was dead and buried after the appeal court's (crazy) decision last year.
  5. wow, that's really interesting. I have been charged round about £100 but I will check. Thanks for your reply.
  6. Hello I was moving house a couple of years ago to escape domestic voilence and foolishly took out a Vanquis card to help with the move, although I knew the apr was totally OTT! I am so sick and tired of being charged exorbitant interest and unfair over-limit (ie when interest levied takes my account over my £500 limit and I’m charged £12) fees, not to mention being trapped in a spiral of debt, that I’d like to effectively freeze my Vanquis credit card and try to agree a payment plan with Vanquis of around £5 over min.repayment. However, after reading lots of advice on this forum, it would seem that is a pretty difficult thing to get these bunch of sharks to agree to. So….can somebody kindly advise me of my best course of action.? I have also read people getting late and over-limit fees refunded. Is this still viable in January 2011? If so, please tell me how to do this as, in two years, as well as paying £470 repayment on a £500 debt, I still have the debt and am getting a bit desparate. All advice gratefully received, thank you
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