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  1. Now that is interesting, DG Solicitors were the ones that filed the original hearing documents on behalf of HSBC Factoring. Give me something to go on. Thanks. Hope life is a treating you better
  2. Hi Zentrix How did you get on with HSBC Factoring. I am still in the process of taking them to court/hearing. It will be interesting to find out your outcome. What they did to your mum and dad is disgusting and I know how you feel as the same happened to me.
  3. UKPC, have sent me a letter in relation to parking at a Mcdonalds resturant, I was inside the resturant for over 2 hours buying their food and drinking with freinds of mine. At no point did i think i was overstaying my welcome until i received a letter from UKPC telling me that i have parked 2 mins over the time allowed to park at the macdonalds resturant in wythenshawe!!!!! I never saw any disply saying 2 hours stay only, i was to busy spending my money in mcdonalds and enjoying a get together. So what i am asking is whether i should pay this fee or not, has anyone else had a letter? Regar
  4. Hi Determined 1, I have also been and still am a victim of Marston Groug and HSBC Factoring. My circumstances are pretty much the same as yours!!! its strange how my figure was also £17K? I am speaking to a solicitor at the moment who is dealing with this. His name is Milton and he hopefully will be asking the courts to set the order aside due to the fact that HSBC fatoring went to court with out my knowledge!!!! The so called amount due was supposed to have been chased for which i asked for evidence, the reply i got was that they could not supply any information because after 3 years the a
  5. Hi Melissa, I am alos in the process of claiming back my PPI, it is worth speaking to the FCSA in relation to this matter. You can contact them direct and they will persue the matter further on your behalf. So yes it is well worth it Good Luck
  6. Hi all I am new to the site, so bare with me. Desparetley need to speak to someone who has had dealings and problems with HSBC Factoring and HSBC Bank. Gina g
  7. hi Mazzone, HSBC are a bunch of liers, anyone that has an account with this bank should move to a more trusting bank. They took me to court and i wasnt even informed until it was to late, they are very devious and sly and dont care about anyones situation. Tell your girlfreind to take advice from the CAB, if she is still out of work then she can get legal aid. HSBC have made alot of mistakes and if people dont complain then they get away with it. Will let you know how i get on with my case. Good Luck gina g
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