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  1. Hey thanks for the replies. Il check my credit file as soon as I can to see the status of it. I will let you know if I hear anything else from them.
  2. Just a quick update. They have resorted to sending text messages to my landline. Also how did they get my number I am ex directory.
  3. Hello everyone. I have posted here before but this is a brand new issue. Years ago I had two mobile phone contracts. One to 3 and the other to t-mobile. I came to be in bad arrears. I actually forgot about the debts and it was only about 1 month away from being 6 years and statute barred when Lowell Portfolio debt collectors contacted me. They have threatened me with an application for a ccj for both debts. They have also offered a reduced amount and tried to contact me via telephone several times. My questions are. 1) Has anyone dealt with these before? 2) Can they apply for a CCJ (I was under the impression it was only priority debts which could) Thanks, Andrew
  4. A while a go I posted about my HIP pack debt and Van Mildert's debt collection agency sending threatening letters. I have heard nothing from them since. But on the 2nd Of this month I noticed a payment had been made of 150 pounds to Van Mildert Landords association. This was not a direct debit or a standing order. It was a debit. As in someone has used my details fraudulently. Im not sure if the estate agents had my details and passed them on or whether Van Mildert had them from the HIP pack request. Either way this cant be legal? I contacted my bank they said to contact Van Mildert so I will in the morning. I dont mind paying my debts but I have not been contacted to make the payment in the first place. The original letters (as mentioned in my previous thread) were the first I heard about it. Surely I would have had to sign something? Please help. This has left me unable to pay my bills so I am starting to panic. Andrew
  5. ok i know this is old but today i looked into my bank account and Van Mildert have take 150 out without my permission. I dont even know how they got my details!
  6. ok thanks guys. I'll draft out that letter today and get it sent by recorded mail. I think its become clear that im being scammed in one way or another.
  7. I have recieved a reply from HSC. I will mark any strange things out to you. Without Prejudice (excuse me?) Dear Mr Ferris Further to our recent telephone call (I have never spoken to them on the phone i only emailed them once) I can write to confirm out agreement to a full and final settlement (full and final?) We are prepared to accept 27 payments of 20 per month to clear the outstanding amount above and close our file. We must receive a signed standing order within the next 7 days. Please send to High Street Collections and send to the below address. Should we not receive your standing order form within the next 7 days we withdraw the offer and begin legal proceedings for the full amount We look forward to your remittance by way of return (what does that mean?) Ok so 1) I have never spoken to them on the phone 2)what does the final line mean? and 3) whats the next step?
  8. So they shouldnt have sent me a letter then if they are not allowed to do that?
  9. Thanks for your help everyone. No reply as of yet to the email. The address that is on the letters is 2nd Floor Cutherbert Newcastle Upon Tyne NE1 2ET And another letter has Unit 20 Enterprise House Team Valley Trading Estate Gateshead NE11 0SR They have a couple of different phone numbers and I still dont know who Van Mildert is. Seems like they are a shady company trying to [problem] me. What does it mean about Right to canvass off trade premises?
  10. I realised just now it wasnt wise. Yes they are addressed in my name. Lived here for about 10 years. The only debt I can think of thats near that amount is the HIP pack. Which to be honest Im narked about having to pay for it anyway seeing as it was banished not long after I got it.
  11. Unfortunately I have emailed them. Not admitting the debt but asking where it has come from. I also said that If the debt is real I will pay them a max of 20 pounds per month. But ONLY if the debt is real and I want proof. The debt is apparently 538 pounds. And I got the same results trying to find this Van Mildert. Just a fashion designer or a college in Durham.
  12. Hey im new here and have a problem with debt collectors. I have an agency contacting me called High Street Collections Limited. They have sent 3 letters. The final one was to threaten with a CCJ, which I already have one to a previous debt. The biggest problem is that fact that I dont even know what this debt is. It just says that their source/client is a Van Mildert. I have no idea who that is. If the debt is genuine then it could be from my HIP pack from last year. The last letter said I had 48 hours to contact them otherwise they would get a ccj and get a charging order put against me. Surely they cant do that at this stage or at all for what is clearly a non-priority debt? I could really use some help. Thanks Andrew
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