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  1. hi i am new on here but would like some advise re: welcome finance and mk rapid recoveries, we had a joint secured loan with welcome finance but got into problims with paying it back and have not paid any thing on it for about 12 months, because of my health witch welcome knew about and just left us alone ,untill two weeks ago got a letter but only one of us names on from welcome telling us the debt as been sold to mk rapid recoveries and the very next day we got a letter from this company telling me to now contact them because the debt was now with them and they owned it,so i contacted welcom
  2. hi can any body advise me what a notice of returned document means. i have made contact with the court about a charging order witch the company involed as gone missing so i have asked the court to remove this order and have a hearing date in may but this morning i have had a letter form the court notice of returned document sating that the court as sent the order to this company and as come back and the court as marked gone away . so does this mean i would still have to atend the hearing or will the court put this in with out a hearing and will the charging order just be removed or d
  3. 21evets21

    re apex

    i do need some urgent advsie here i have been in contact with apex about 3 debts witch i now 1 debt is not mine but the other two i am thinking the same .i asked apex in dec 2010 to send me copys off credit agreements and as todays date i have not got i have emailed them a number off times i do know there getting emails because i get a copy sent to my inbox .i just dont know what else i can do about this company i am not telephoning them as i like to see every thing in black and write and speaking to them i will not have proof whats said.the other problim apex brought this debt from a company
  4. hi i have just found some details with this debt its a witness statement from there soclitor witch i have found some mistakes in 1998 there say then due to the time there no longer have a copy off agreement so dose that mean the ccj should not have been allowed as the court are just agreeing on what this company are telling them . also there cant agree that the debt belongs to me . the other mistake is as follows there say the date the loan was taken out is 12/06/1995 but in another statement to the court there saying the loan was taken out on 12/06/2007 this is wrong and there
  5. hi many thanksfor your reply the only info i can remember is it was a masterloan and was taken out around 12/06/1995 the company apex sent me a showing the orignal creditor name is mercedes i have never had any contact with such company things are going though my head now i am thinking that this debt is not mine even if i was to try to make contact with masterloan i dont think there would still have details off me ,as i said before the company who brought the debt was b n finance but cant contact them as there phones are dead even the solictors who was dealing with them have gone. so i d
  6. hi i would like some advsie here i have just had a letter from a company called apex becuase there brought it from a copmany called b n finance but the letter from apex is telling me how much i owe and the name off the company the debt was first in . witch is not the company i took this debt out so now i am thinking i have been paying for a debt thats not mine and i have a charging order as well . can some body please give me some advsie here when i did get the ccj i just agreed on this because i was having a bad time because my mum was very ill with cancer and just sent it back to b
  7. hi dose any know any thing about bn finance i have a old debt with them witch was sold on to a company called apex .bn finance as also got a charging order on this debt then i got a letter from apex telling me that bn finacne as sold debt to them and all rights are with apex i have treid phoning bn finance but all phones lines are not working .so i wrote and asked apex to supply me with a credit agreement witch i did pay £1.00 for today had a letter from apex telling me that there cant supply me with a c/a but have sent me with a copy off charging order and told me i should contact them and s
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