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  1. The lady at close motor finance said it wasn't mine until I'd paid the GAP insurance!
  2. Unfortunately, I've just found the paperwork, but and vaguely remember a conversation nearly 3 years ago! I honestly thought the £20 extra a month I was paying was the GAP insurance, but obviously not. Reading through the paperwork they have sent me, I have just looked at the policy number on GAP insurance documents & PPI insurance and they are not my policy number, they also have dates on there that are 3 & 4 years before I even bought my car? Should I just pay the GAP insurance at the end as the lady said the car isn't mine until I've paid that and try and claim that back and the PPI after? Am I covered anyway as the policy number & start dates are wrong? Sorry for gatecrashing the post!
  3. I've got next month left to pay then I'm done, well so I thought. I've just been "reminded" about GAP insurance and was told the same thing. The car is still theirs until I've paid that too! I've never missed a payment either! I'm fuming. Apparently I have PPI insurance on my loan too, however I thought this was the GAP insurance. I'm not happy at all about it. Not sure what I can do?
  4. Thank you. I paid yesterday fortunately. I was just so astounded by e asking me when I wanted the car collected when I haven't missed any payments the whole term. Could I complain or just wait till I've paid the car off? They shouldn't be able to day things like that so loosly.
  5. Hope I'm posting in the right place?! I have an agreement with Close Motor Finance. My payment was due yesterday, but I didn't have the money in the bank, so straight away, I got a text from them asking me to contact them immediately. I text them back to say I couldn't today as was at work but would call them today. I said that I would hopefully pay them on Friday but definitely by Monday. They weren't happy with this and I called them today. The lady said if I'm having difficulty paying, when would I want them to collect the car!!!! I've paid 29 months, not missed any payments. I won't miss this one either albeit a few days late. Why would I just want to hand the car back? They don't give you any grace, they're on to you straight away Where do I stand with this though. Can they just take the car? I have every intention of paying, I just can't physically today. I have 3 children who we're struggling to feed this week! I have money going in on Monday definitely, so can pay them then. Can anyone give me some advice? Thanks in advance
  6. Could really do with some advice. I took out a 3 year car finance and have paid 2, and has full service history. The past few months I have had problems with the car, and taken it to 4 mechanics now and it still isn't sorted. They think one of the problems is the turbo, which is hundred's of pounds! Just wondering where I stand as it's finance and bought from a dealer. Would it be better for me to get the car fixed (if they can) and carry on paying the finance? Can I go to the dealer and ask them for help? Do the car finance company have any obligation? Can I part exchange the car and transfer the rest of my finance to a new car? I just don't know what to do for the best. We have 3 children and really need our car, but we just can't afford to keep paying out on top of the car finance. Any advice would be great. Thanks
  7. Hi, I am pleased to say that after sending a letter to them recorded delivery, I have today received a letter from them saying that they have resold the room and our full deposit will follow! Thank you for your help. Splodge
  8. Hi, the terms and conditions on cancellation are: Cancellation a) In the event of cancellation we regret that the initial booking deposit can only be refunded if the room is resold for a similar event. If the event is still in the diary after 5 months of cancelling in writing then the room can't be resold? I do have the receipt for the deposit. The hotel website is www.stonemanorhotel.co.uk I've spoken to consumer direct, but they don't think that any of the above makes a difference. They said I should write to the hotel asking them to justify why they still have our booking in their diary when we had cancelled it and to send it recorded delivery? Thanks Splodge
  9. Does anyone think that I can get my deposit back? Should I call them tomorrow and see what they say? Thanks Splodge
  10. Hi Lex I've looked everywhere, but can't find the letter I'm so annoyed with myself. I've found the original contract that we had with them, but we never signed it or sent it back to them. I don't know if this would make any difference? We were willing to accept that we may have lost our deposit, even though we really could do with it! But now we know that we cancelled 5 months ago but the booking is still there in the diary, we wonder whether anyone may have tried to book
  11. I booked our wedding the end of 2010. We booked it for August 2012 and we were having the reception at a hotel and paid a £600 deposit. In Feb this year, I was made redundant, which meant I also lost a good wage. I found a new job, but the money isn't great, so we thought long and hard and decided to cancel the wedding reception at the hotel because there was just no way we could afford it. I wrote a letter on the 18th May 2011 to cancel the wedding, and I did try and appeal to the general manager's better nature for our £600 deposit back but received a letter back saying that we can only get it back if they resell the room. (Unfortunately, I think I've thrown the letter away by accident ) I hadn't heard anything since and wondered whether they would actually tell us if they had resold the room, so I called them today to make a pretend booking. I was told that the room was already booked and thought "great we can get deposit back", but it would appear it's our booking that they haven't cancelled out of the diary from 5 months ago! Do you think we will be able to get our deposit back as they couldn't have rebooked the room because it wasn't even cancelled. The lady I spoke to who is the wedding co-ordinator had no record of cancellation! The conversation ended with her saying she would have a word with the general manager. I hope we can! Any advice would be great.
  12. The insurance company is Yes Insurance. At the time I checked their website and I also checked it again yesterday, and the monthly payment was and is half what I pay now. They say they won't give me this price because I'm not a new customer. When I started the argument with them I'd only been with them 4 weeks, so I would say a fairly new customer!!! They won't budge though, they said they will only make my payments cheaper is I go to third party fire and theft, which is no good to me. If I can't the policy I have to pay £185 plus £35 cancellation fee. I can't afford to pay this. We also have a van insured with them too. I will NEVER go with them again nor recommend them. Their customer service leaves a lot to be desired!
  13. Yes, the car is newer and slightly bigger engine, but nothing else had changed. I checked on the insurance compare websites and a lot of the quotes were cheaper than the new "payments" my insurance company changed too! Didn't really have much choice in buying a new car though. Needed a reliable family car to get me to work and to take the children to school and nursery. The old car was on it's way out. I'm just annoyed that once they get you to insure with them they turn into the most unhelpful people. Nice as pie when they want your money, but when you need help they couldn't care less. I'm guessing there is nothing I can do?
  14. I'm having trouble with my insurance company too. I don't have an answer for you, but with regard to the telephone call cost try saynoto0870 they give you an alternative freephone number to call!
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