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  1. Thanks Ganymede. So this means that the insurance should deal with it even if he didn't notify them after the accident took place? My partner is going to contact the insurance tomorrow, ask for the contact details to send the claim and send it to the insurance by special delivery. Then what should he do for the county court claim? Should he send the acknowledgement and ask the claimant to be in contact with the insurance directly, and stop contacting my partner? Is this the right way? Thank you kindly, you have no idea how stressful we are at the moment. Thank you
  2. Hi Rebel11, my partner didn't report it since he was relying on the claimant to contact his insurance directly. His car had to be written off six months later, and he hasn't driven any car since then, so he also terminated his insurance.
  3. Thank you unclebulgaria 67. My partner is going to call them tomorrow to inform about it. My question is, since my partner didn't inform his insurance when this happened, as he was relying on the claimant to contact the insurance directly, can the insurance turn my partner down? He was with his insurance company when the accident took place and about six months later he wrote off his car and terminated the insurance, because he no longer drives a car since then. Is this going to be a problem? Thank you kindly. Anita
  4. Hi everyone, My partner has been involved in car accident in June 2010. He drove a very old car and bumped into a Mazda drove by a woman. His car had to be written off but the Mazda that was bumped into only suffered from dent and scratches, and could still be used to drive. He gave his insurance details to the woman who drove another car. Since then, this woman had never made any insurance claim whatsoever. His car had been written off in December 2010 just before Christmas and since then he terminated his insurance. My partner didn't need the car anyway since his office is just two minutes walk from our apartment. All of sudden he received a county court claim today from a solicitor (no win no fee solicitor) acting on behalf of the Mazda woman. The woman is now claiming for the cost of car hire of a Mercedes (instead of a Mazda equivalent!) for a week, amounting to £2400 in total. No claim was made about the dent or scratches. The county court claim did not attach any bill or other evidence, nor mentioned why didn't she claim from my partner's insurance or why it took her two years to file a claim. Plus the car hire was way over the top of what she should have hired, and her Mazda could still be used even after the accident. Even though the accident was his fault but he's not prepared to pay the claim at all since the woman should have contacted his insurance to settle the claim. 1) What should my partner do next? 2) Does he need to pass the claim to his insurance (he's no longer with them now but he was with the insurance company when the insurance happened. He didn't inform the insurance company since he had hoped that the woman would have contacted the insurance to claim for the money)? 3) Which one is better: enter the defence by himself or hire a no win no fee solicitor? 4) If he wants to defend himself and enters a defence, does he need to lay down all of his arguments as to why he shouldn't be paying the claim? He's afraid that if he does this, the claimant's solicitor might change tactics. 5) Is there a list of solicitors that my partner can contact about this? Thank you kindly. Anita
  5. So petty, yet making it so big. The lawyers should get a life.
  6. You may also wish to send a copy of the financial ombudsman. If you are lucky they might be able to monitor the complaint/guide you through. Good luck.
  7. Have you contacted the FSA to obtain the information? I suppose as the regulator they should have such info
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