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  1. Thanks for replies. My partner contacted Rundles and made a payment and set up payment plan. She will contact council for verification.
  2. Thanks for reply DX. I will type up letter as unable to scan. Formal notification of issue of Liability order for unpaid TCOG CT Trace and Collect owing to Council. Following an application to Magistrates court by Council a Liability order was issued against you on 03/09/2014 balance outstanding £1387.35. Debt relates to property at ***. You are required to make full payment to us not Council. Council L/O authorises Rundle to take control of your goods should payment not be made within 14 days of this notice ( 10/09/21 ). We can take control of your goods and sell them them at public auction to pay the amount you owe and this will incur further costs. If you want an arrangement to be considered you must contact us within 7 days of this notice.
  3. My partner has received letter from Rundles. They refer to a Liability order dated 03/09/14. She has not received any other correspondence on this matter and moved from address they quote in June 2014. I was wondering as it is over 6 years since liability order was issued could she write to them and claim debt is statute barred. Thanks Swanbi.
  4. Thanks for replies, will not be sending letter recommend by glo. debt to barclay card is for a credit card that was opened in 2000. Had difficulties for few years now and have been making payments with interest frozen.Sent cca requests to a number of creditors and barclaycard have been first to respond. they are original creditor and have been fair unlike dca's i have come across.
  5. Thanks Glo, very helpful. Regards Swanbi.
  6. Hi All, I have received reply from barclaycard to my cca request. Their response includes long winded letter claiming all they have to provide is current credit limit and current balance.They also include 3 pages of barclaycard conditions and a right to cancel document which includes a cancellation form. Have they fullfilled their obligation under 1974 cca? Thanks Swanbi.
  7. Thanks Guys for replies, Will send wescot details you suggest. Regards Swanbi.
  8. Hi All, Wescot have written " having contacted our client they have advised they have no record of having received a request for a copy agreement". " we are therefore requested to continue collection on this account. I have already written to wescot telling them account in dispute with triton and to return it to triton. What should I do next? Thanks Swanbi.
  9. Hi Papasmurf, They are trading under same company name, when I visited shop ex colleague told me " we have been preparing to re-open since we closed". I think they have acted in an unfair manner.
  10. Hi Pumpkinhead a Honeybee, Thanks for your replies, The shop was re-opened 1 year and 1 month after closing. The shop is trading in an identical manner as it was before it was closed. Three staff were made redundant when shop closed, two shop staff (one being myself) and one director. I have always believed they closed shop so they could get rid of director who was on a salary five times more than shop staff. Regards Swanbi.
  11. Hi All, I joined a company in sept 2007 and was made redundant in oct 2009 due to lack of business. The company I worked for had 1 betting office. However in nov 2010 they started trading again at same shop with different staff. I was hoping someone could tell me if they are legally allowed to do this. Regards Swanbi.
  12. Thanks guys, Have sent wescot bemused letter stating they should return account to triton. Regards Swanbi.
  13. Hi All, Wescott have written saying we have been instructed by our client to collect balance on their behalf. Account in dispute with triton, Should I send wescott bemused letter. Thanks Swanbi.
  14. Thanks Victoria, Cabot are very greedy, 2 years ago I offered them settlement figure of 30%. They declined saying they wanted 70%. they probably only paid 5-10% to buy debt. Sadly for them this cash cow has stopped being milked! Regards Swanbi.
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