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  1. OK accepting they might result in suicides, but the majority of the deaths mentioned aren't that. Trust me I have no love for atos having been through the hell of their system with my partner.
  2. No the deaths are not directly related, after all Atos isn't treating them. The point is that these people are being declared fit for work and then dying. So blaming atos or the gov for it misses the point somewhat, however it shows how incompetent atos are.
  3. I am selling my house, I was provided in December with a mortgage release figure of 147k. However as it is offset they said I would have to phone back on the completion day for a new figure. My solicitors contacted yesterday and were told the redemption figure was now £176k! When we looked into it they are trying to lump into the redemption my old loan and overdraft. the loan is outstanding for 27.5k and the overdraft was 1050. These debts are with their debt recovery team. Speaking to the offset mortgage department in order to pay off my mortgage I simply pay the 147k. Now the solicitor asked them why this was to be included and they were told that the overdraft was on an offset account and my loan was part of the offset accounts? As far as I am aware no loan other than one that is included in a mortgage increase can be included, and it would need to be entered into the registry if it was secured on the property as a secure loan. Also although my current account was included in the offset accounts, the loan account was never included (otherwise it would appear on the offset statements), and the RBS website states you can only add current and savings accounts! The loan was also taken out before I even had an offset mortgage, so it is not even as though they can claim that it was taken after that! Anybody had similar problems, or know what the issues are here? Is there anyway I can simply pay them the mortgage amount and that would release it? The house is only selling at 157.5k so no way they can expect to get the money anyway? Plus there is an existing charge which means no money will be coming out anyway.
  4. The creditor is saying they would rather hang on to the CO, I have told them I have no job, mortgage in arrears, and that would just end up in a repossession. Solicitor suggesting i pay them off at the min (9200) and dont pay estate agents and come up with an agreement with them to pay off the estate agents fees?? Not even rented will live with someone for a while. So no I wont have any assets ( I have my car atm but that is being sold asap)
  5. Arrow Global applied for charging order last year and the court agreed it (the less said about that procedure the better ). However I informed them at the court hearing that the house was sold STC, and that the equity would probably not cover there debt, and was told by their solictor and the judge that they would simply take any "profit" from the sale of the house, after fees. Now I am due to complete on the house in the next few days and my solicitor has said that I will have to pay out 5k to sell the house, due to the order: Sale: 157.5k Mortgage: 147k Sale Fees: 4k Debt: 11.5k Is this correct? Is there anything I could do? I haven't got 5k to pay out, hence why I owe the bloody money!
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