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  1. wonga are a [problem], they only want to corner you and charge you ridiculous interest amounts. i borrowed £520 and now they claim i owe them £950. they said they would not charge me interest cause i’m having financial difficulties. The lady i spoke to asked me to call them today to make a payment of £80 to extend my loan and i would not be charged interest and they would come to a payment plan arrangement with me ONLY if i called. So i tried calling them all day, spent £20 listening to monotonous elevator music. They never picked up or got back to me although i contacted them through the website several times asking them to call me. They never contacted me and never answered my calls on purpose and hence they eventually forced me to make the automated payment online because it was almost 6pm and no answer. So, after making the payment online, my payment has been inflated by £200!!!!!! DO NOT USE WONGA. They are true [problematic] and thieves.
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