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  1. yes, please rename my account to guest1234 or something, and please remove my email address from the account and mark inactive. that's fine with me.
  2. You're right, thanks. I did look in the footer but not far enough it seems! also the snow effect causes some scrolling weirdness the further down I go.
  3. Hi, Although I would prefer my account and posts to be deleted, I understand that when I signed up I probably agreed to a term stating that I do not have that right as per usual forum rules. That's OK, I guess, but as you can see, my username may or may not contain personal data and I would like for that to be randomised please, including in the quoted post here: https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/topic/406329-email-address-leak/?do=findComment&comment=4863259 I am doing my best to remove my digital footprint and this request is not specific to this website, I think it's a great service you provide. However I no longer live in the UK. p.s. I had to use a VPN to sign in as your spam firewall thing would not let me access the website at all. Cheers
  4. I've also received the emails previously mentioned, but fortunately I use unique everything for every site so there is no risk to me personally. I think the responsible thing to do would be notify your userbase about this while also talking about the possible implications if using the same username/email/passwords on other sites. best of luck.
  5. came here to post same thing. Same google job email. I use a very unique non-guessable email address and password combo for everything. edit: looks like they have access to your mail server too as the email came via jumbomail, same as your regular emails.
  6. How do the DVLA still get away with charging 5/10% extra for those not taxing for a full year in advance? I could perhaps understand a small charge for 2 paper discs instead of 1 (lol) but now there is no disc how do they justify it. Where is the cost? Admin fees should be spread across the whole system not a minority, as it's difficult to calculate the real cost. Just another tax on the poor or those that try to spend wisely. Also losing the remainder of the current month when selling a car. Refunds should be to the day, it's not hard to work out after-all, especially for a computer! Where is the logic? I wonder how it would play out in court if someone decided to challenge this. I.e. seller sells car mid month, he wont get a refund for the remainder of the month, so it is still paid for. Buyer doesn't tax car till start of next month, but in the mean time gets snapped by ANPR and prosecuted. Is there a defence here given that the month has been paid for on the car, regardless by who. For a government agency they are appalling in the way they conduct business, imo. Also, does anyone know what happens in the cross-over period? If you have a paper disc can it still be transferred or not?
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