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  1. Your landline number should be sufficient for a OTP, which are time limited or just buy a cheap mobile for you to receive the OTP only.
  2. You can vacate T on last day of Fixed Term, without Notice. Beyond that, you are req'd to give min 1 month NTQ to expire at end of next valid Rent period, and liable for rent until then. LL can serve s8 for a discretionary g10 or 11, even if the Mandatory g8 (2 month rent owing) is not fulfilled. Negotiate early Surrender with LL asap.
  3. Go get a Tax Accountant to file her Return for 17/18 and correct previous Returns. May cost her several £100's but no LL wants an HMRC investigation.
  4. You posted on a free, public Forum, you might as well have posted on Facebook or similar Social Media platform. There is no where to hide from a determined Searcher on the Internet. If you do not want to reveal info - don't paste it in the first place
  5. Next week interview may not offer you the job You might not like working for todays employer. Your decision! but be courteous to both.
  6. You are both selling your vehicles to the other and each,must follow current legislation.
  7. The CCJ was against you, not Lowells, who can pursue any debt against you for 6 years after default date.
  8. AFAIK if the name on the Claim is the same name used on the Agreement or your Given Name, no one has done nothing wrong.
  9. The Prosecuting Solicitor has the Right to cross examine the Witness in a Criminal trial. What was the Charge?
  10. Who is resp for paying the Bill (Account Holder)? I am guessing it is you, (even if you are renting),as per AST.
  11. Is there a Tree Preservation Order in place for either tree? What does Council Planning say about you needing PP?
  12. Refer your mom's case to your Constituency MP?
  13. If you can provide orig Nat Ins No (which is unique to an individual on issue), there should be no problem, Employer though may request evidence of any subs Legal name change eg by Deed Poll/marriage.
  14. Was the meter fitted on outside external wall or in the house? Most meter readers don't go to extent of climbing gates, just leave a card requesting occupant to supply a meter reading, which can be entered on-line. Anyone requiring access can apply for a Court Warrant of Entry.
  15. You failed to attend hearing so lost by default. Until you can get Court to agree to your £150 pcm offer, HCEOs could continue to attend for full outstanding debt and apply visit charges.
  16. I doubt he will rip up floor boards without obvious signs of a leak. My suggestion was to first report suspected leak to Water Co, not LL Water Co should have access to layout of your supply connections. Identification of leak/liability can be easy to determine.
  17. You can assume any lawful road restrictions cannot be implemented before end of reqd Consltation.
  18. AFAIK Barclay client account is not an Approved Govt DPS Scheme, so LL is liable for its return, but could sue LA for this and related osses.
  19. Signed a solar panel maintenance Contract in home for 3K (deposit paid on CC), with no mention of 'cooling off' period. in Contract. So how how long do I have to cancel the Contract & recover my deposit (s75)?
  20. Contact the water Co and suggest you may have a leak. They may send an operative round with a listening tube to locate any outside leak. Anglian did this for a row of terraces and showed the leak was beyond my supply pipe.
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