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  1. Oh dear. We've had a Decree Nisi for 7 years. Can I just pay the fee and get the Decree Absolut? I feel if he has to agree or sign something then I doubt he will. Thanks for your input.
  2. Wow, talk about the tragic story of my life! As you can see, CAG is a lifeline to vulnerable people. What does it mean "moved to the appropriate forum"?
  3. No, it was in negative equity and was about to be repossessed due to my unemployment. By a twist of fate, I managed to find a job the mortgage company didn't action the eviction warrant due to being taken over themselves (due to the financial crash in 2008). Because of that delay, I managed to negotiate an arrangement with them. They tried to evict again a few months later, although I had fulfilled the arrangement, but CAG helped me with advice and the judge suspended the possession order and cancelled the eviction. I maintained the arrangement for 5 y
  4. Only Decree Nisi (He initiated divorce proceedings at the same time I faced repossession and eviction and I didn't find out until years later that he'd never paid the fee for the Decree Absolute) It was bought before we separated but we lost the sale on our existing home so had to pay two mortgages for over a year, greatly diminishing the "deposit". Nothing towards mortgage, bills, DIY, maintenance, child support. The form his solicitor sent is an RX1 for a Restriction on Land Registry. Thanks for your assistance.
  5. Apparently, he can claim that I agreed to give him half in a conversation he claims we had when we separated. He hasn't put the Restriction yet but is aiming to do so. It may not stop the sale but it will stop access to the proceeds, which we need to use to obtain rental accommodation for my son and I.
  6. His solicitor has sent an RX1 form to me to sign (in the hope I would just agree it)
  7. His solicitor is threatening to put a Restriction without Consent on Land Registry in order that the sale completion would require my ex's signature and he would only sign for 50% of the proceeds.
  8. His solicitor says they can put a Restriction without consent and my solicitor says he doesn't have to justify or prove a claim for it to be accepted by Land Registry. His solicitor says the sale can only complete with my ex's signature and he will only sign after an agreement is made for him to receive 50%. Any other thoughts Andy? Many thanks
  9. I hope someone can help with a situation that has arisen out of the blue, just a few weeks before completing the sale of my home after battling repossession and eviction for the past 7 years. Despite no contribution to the mortgage, bills, expenses or child support, my ex-husband has engaged a solicitor to apply for a Restriction on Land Registry. The mortgage company have a possession order and have tried to evict my son and I twice this year. The judge allowed us to pursue a normal sale both times. My 3rd hearing is July 11th and now this final twist has
  10. Do I need to include the "proof of marketing the house" along with the N244 form....or do I provide it at a subsequent hearing? Do I need to state what contributions I can make in the meantime....or again, do I provide that information at the hearing I'm requested?
  11. No, not yet. The Order, made on Nov 5th, gives "permission to the Claimant to enforce order of possession dated 4 August 2015". As I mentioned earlier, the possession order that was suspended due to making an arrangement was dated 4/08/09. I'm assuming the mortgage company created a new possession order on its 6th anniversary? Or renewed it somehow? The order was made "without a hearing" and said any party affected could apply within 7 days of service for it to be "set aside, varied or stayed. In the N244 I emailed to the court on 27/11/15, I asked for it to be set aside due to the immine
  12. Another question has arisen which I hope you can shed light on. The Court Order gives permission for Mortgage Express to enforce a Possession Order dated August 4th 2015 but I have not been notified of the application for a new Possession Order by either ME or the County Court. The original Possession Order was issued on August 4th 2009. I have heard something about Possession Orders expiring in 6 years...is this why they have "reapplied" on the exact date without telling me? Should I request a copy of the order from 4/8/15? Can I set it aside due to not being informed or offered the oppo
  13. Today I have received at letter from Mortgage Express's solicitors "giving notice that the lender's agent has applied to the court for a warrant of possession against the property on 24/11/15". It also says "if you do not ask for a delay the Lender can go ahead to obtain the possession of this property". I could probably pay about £400 a month towards the mortgage payment that should be £1654.79 which is roughly what the DWP has been paying whilst I was on JSA. I have only been working for 6 days. The work is still going on but I have prioritised rooms that need photographing. The last re
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