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  1. I have to attend small claims court regarding non payment of a debt. It has only been discovered today that the pursuer had his summons rejected by the court as a purchase agreement cannot be used as proof of debt. He then fabricated an invoice and it was accepted by the court. I have never received an invoice as the contract was never completed and trading standards told them they were in breach of contract. Can I approach the sheriff to question the validity of the summons as the summons I received contained no such invoice, only the purchase agreement and have the case dismi
  2. Can a limited company represent themselves after a small claim goes to proof in Scotland.?
  3. There was no company name but the original letter came from Yuill and Kyle
  4. I can't make it out as it's just a scribble
  5. A double glazing company are taking us to a small claims court for non payment. The Sheriff Officer who issued us with a summons asked a lot of questions and asked us if we would be defending the action to which we said yes and gave him a complete resume of the whole saga from beginning to end. He said that as he saw it the company in question did not have a hope of winning the case. My question is, did that Sheriff Officer have the right to ask us all sorts of questions as I thought it was just his job to issue the summons. I would also like to add that the Sheriff Office
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