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  1. Costco is great but beware of letting people you don't know become members through your account. My parents have a business account and someone they know through a friend asked them to give them membership and as they didn't see the harm they did it for them. But one day as they were at the tills paying they got called into the managers office and were told that they were going to loose there membership because the people they introduced were caught stealing stuff. My father explained that he didn't really know them an apologies and luckily didn't take it away. He wont be doing that again.
  2. Hi, I wonder if anyone can advise me. My property is being repossessed and I have found a buyer and contacted the bank and they have agreed that I can sell the property and pay off the loan. My question is can i get them to stop charging me £250 a day until the process completes? I have been incurring charges for the last 6 months and its so much that by the time the property sells I'm still going to owe them money. Can i make a hardship claim at this stage? Or is there another approach I can take to stop the charges? Any advise would be really helpful. Thank you M
  3. Thank you for your helpful reply. I believe that the rent they are collecting covers the monthly mortgage and there is even extra money left over. Does this mean that if i can find a way to pay some money to them that they may let me keep the property? Thanks M
  4. Hi, I wonder if anyone has any experience in this and can help me. I have a property with tenants in and they paid upfront for the year, unfortunately i couldn't make all of my mortgage payments and they bank have now appointed receivers to collect the rent from the tenants. They are now dealing with them direct and collect for the 2nd year. Does this mean the money is going to wards my mortgage or have they just taken the property from me. I don't want to call them without having some knowledge about this. I believe the property is still in my name and is also in negative equity.
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