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  1. That's very kind of you Ruth. With all those refunds, you're (almost) a rich woman. I'll remain on standby
  2. Hi Matt. These are all my opinions, but I believe them to be accurate: 1) You've done nowt wrong. They took a full 14 days or possibly more to reply to me, and then it was standard template letters all the way. They even sent 2 in 2 days (both offering about 66% of my claim), which a cynic might claim was an attempt to confuse me as my rejection answer crossed in the post between the two. Stick with it, you'll get what you're owed. 2) They didn't close my account. My understanding is that if they do you have a legitimate claim with the banking ombudsman. I've actually ret
  3. My apologies. Recognise the difference in legal semantics - poor choice of words on my part. Nevertheless...
  4. Stick with it. Read the FAQs for the process - it's simple but does need an investment of your time to follow it through. You will win, so hold out for every penny taken illegally from you. Sent with the pleasure of having seen £3310.99 credited yesterday :o:D
  5. It all happened yesterday, but I've been too busy (and too depressed at the overall state of things) to post. Yep. All is settled - so I must email the mods and also send my 5% with grateful thanks! £3310.99 refunded in illegally taken charges (after much arseing about and an unfeasible delay in crediting my account). Strangely there was no comment from the solicitors on my suggestion that we discuss confidentiality as a separate commercial agreement at £5000. One in yer eye for the banks' dodgy behaviour - despite their professed confidence if it did go to court. So stic
  6. Thanks for the support. Much appreciated. So you think they'll still make an improved offer before it gets to court?
  7. OK. Should I now be concerned? FD wrote to me a while back offering £2112 in "full and final" against my claim of £3133.21 + interest. Sent back a "thanks but no thanks" response, reminding them of my timetable for action, which crossed in the post with another offer from them of the same amount, which stated that this would be their final communication on the matter. Filed Moneyclaim on September 5th, and received notice from the court that DG Solicitors intend to defend the action (dated 13th September). Can't find too many cases similar to mine, and I'd be really grate
  8. So. A letter yesterday from John Ruane. "Confident of their position... blah blah... ...However, mindful of management time & irrecoverable legal costs (yeah, they are irrecoverable when you lose, aren't they?)... Prepared to make a payment of £2112 in full & final...etc" This against a claim of £3133.21. Dream on, John. So far, so exactly as laid out in these wonderful forums. I have been invited to escalate my concerns, so will be dropping Robert Kernaghan a note shortly Can't wait to file the MoneyClaim. The 8% interest would be extremely handy.
  9. I'm pretty sure there's an FAQ on "without prejudice", but seem to remember it meant that the contents would be inadmissable in court - i.e. couldn't be shown to a judge. Either way, 100% of the money is yours. You can tell them you'll accept their offer as an interim payment, but that you intend to pursue them for the rest. Marching on Together 8)
  10. No response barring the standard "here's a leaflet" and "we'll get back to you within 10 days" (which they didn't), so LBA sent today. With the closing paragraph "First Direct, I'm surprised and disappointed. Shame on you." Hoping to reach closure on this around the end of the month. Fingers crossed.
  11. There's a spreadsheet in the Banking templates section. It just takes some searching for, but it's there. It's one of Vampiress's.
  12. FiveLaws very kindly pointed me back in the direction of the spreadsheets created by the wonderful Vampiress Don't know how I missed what I was looking for first time around, but was happily able to calculate an additional £465 in interest charges that I had to pay as a result of the illegal fees being levied against my accounts. Hence, this letter goes in the post today. Do let me know if you spot any issues. The Big Pants Monkey House First Direct 40 Wakefield Road Leeds LS98 1FD 29th July 2006 Request for repayment of charges Dear Sir/Madam,
  13. Sounds like it's bang on. Fingers crossed for you. You may also be able to answer my query... Are you intending to claim for the interest charged when these fees took you still further overdrawn? If so, how did you calculate it? (I'm not referring to the 8% we get to add on if it goes to court)
  14. Signed up and sent my DPA request letter a few weeks ago, but didn't want to start a thread until I found out how much I was owed. Oh that I could go back 25 years and sue NatWest for my student years. I graduated (in '89) £10k overdrawn - of which I reckon more than half was charges & interest Anyway, it transpires that over the last 6 years First Direct unlawfully charged £1668.50 to my sole cheque account, and £999 (which would be amusing if it wasn't so annoying) to our joint account. Both these sums are net of any interest - though if it goes to court (please God) there's an
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