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  1. Update: Third party has accepted full liability Their assessor has estimated the damage at £10,700 so car is to be written off and they have made an offer which I have accepted
  2. Not according to them, even if they lose the case I am not liable for any charges for the car. Obviously I will be checking what I sign when they drop the car off but they assured me that it was their risk.
  3. So, I'm hoping this is good news!! Accident claim management company after hearing the details of the case and seeing the evidence are willing to take this on at no fee. (they claim their costs from the 3rd party) They are going to pay the recovery company the towing and storage costs and pick the car up from them and take to one of their affiliated garages. They will arrange an engineer to assess the damage and claim for this from the 3rd party. They will have a car of similar spec to my Volvo delivered to the house within the next 24 hours. They seem a reputable company, called Complete Accident Solutions. Anybody see any drawbacks to this?
  4. Good news this morning (I think). As the other driver is denying liability my insurance company are now taking control of the case.
  5. Thanks for the advice, will call them in the morning and see what they say.
  6. That's probably the route I'll be taking but I'm thinking that they won't touch it without liability being admitted.
  7. Thanks for the reply raydetinu. I have got letters ready to post to the TP and their insurers stating that I hold him entirely responsible and will be claiming for my losses with a brief description of what happened. If they accept liability then all's well, I haven't hired a car as I need to be certain that they will pay for it which is my big concern right now as my partner really needs a car for work. No photos taken at the time but now have photos of the section of road where the accident took place and I also have photos of the damage to both cars. I am confident that these photos show that the other driver is entirely at fault but reading up on "no witness" accidents has left me less than confident about the outcome. caz
  8. Thanks for the replies. I realise that not being on my partners insurance and using my own as only 3rd party is not ideal but I have only driven it twice in the last year and a half and am aware of the risks should I be at fault in an accident. I am 100% certain that I am totally blameless in this instance and will go to court if necessary to prove this. I guess I'll need to wait for the police report to see what that says then take it from there. Unfortunately I don't have legal expenses cover so I reckon this will be an expensive and long drawn out process.
  9. Hi, I had an accident last night that 100% was not my fault. I was driving along a main road and a car coming toward me tried to turn onto a side road and smashed into the drivers side of my car, he claimed he believed I was also turning down this road. To complicate matters further I was driving my partners car but under my own insurance so was only covered by 3rd party insurance. It looks like my car is a write off but luckily with it being a Volvo I escaped with nothing other than a stiff neck. I managed to find out online who he is insured with and called them to discuss the matter and was told that the other driver is claiming that I drove into him, this is simply not true and hopefully when I get the police report in a few days this will become obvious. Because I am only covered 3rd party my ins co have said that they have no interest in the case and that I have to deal with the TP on my own, this is leaving me feeling extremely vulnerable and I'm not sure how to proceed. Should I wait for the police report then get back in touch with his insurers? Also, the car is in storage just now and is attracting daily charges, the storage company will hold the car for 21 days before contacting me about it. I've never had to make a claim before, who decides if the car is indeed beyond repair? Who instructs / pays for this? Any help or advice much appreciated.
  10. Don't give him any advice maroondevo52, he's a bluenose.... allbeit a good one!
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