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  1. hi sorry the judgement took a lot of understanding but it seems you did manage to get back your charges for 6 years but were unable to get them before that? Is that correct?
  2. Does this mean the beginning of the end of re-claiming bank charges, I have just started my clain against Halifax.
  3. So sorry Crankster. that is so disapionting
  4. Llotds settled in full in December yippee. Good luck to every-one else.
  5. Congratulations... I have also asked for extra monies. I turned down settlement conditions and told them that I will be putting in another claim for profit making levies they have taken from my account since claim. Again they just seem to be ignoring this. So I to will be going through the proceedure again. In the mean time I hope they settle the first claim before Christmas... Enjoy your money from the claim you have already received... Good-luck with your second claim. Jules x
  6. Hi all, guess what? Yes I came home the other day to an offer for full ammount with 6 conditions. I have told the sols that I accept the offer, but not the conditions. I have also told them I will be making a further claim. At least negotiations have started. Jules x
  7. Hi Cat, No court dat yet? I got mine in chesterfield on 25th Jan, long wait but they have only been given 28 days to put there deffence bundle in. (after i put my claim bundle in, which I did 2weeks ago) this has been odered by the judge or they will be struck out Jules x
  8. Hi every-one, I called SC&M on Thursday last week, I asked them when they would be sending me there defence bundle and asked them if they had recieved my evidence bundle. They told me they would not be sending the bungle as there clients had instructed them to set out an offer for me... they said they would send it next week, so I said i would look forward to receiving it next week, she then said that I would probably not get it till the week after because of the post, I replied by saying "Oh does it take that long, what post service are you using, donkey express". I cannot beleive that th
  9. hi i used the calculations from this site. 8% interest costs
  10. Hi every-one, hope you are all well, I am a little concerned because when I sent my evidence bungle to the Court I did not include the contract from when I opened my account with LloydsTSB. Will this go against me?... I can't find it any-way. Will I need it?... Jules x
  11. Hi Gary thanks for letter I have sent it and they wrote back to say they are investigating my complaint and will contact me with in 28 days to explain there findings.. At least that give me a break from there constant badgering to pay the overdraft back. Jules x
  12. I know the feeling... I am feeling much the same... I want to go sit in there office and not move till Lloyds give them there damn instructions and they deal with it... Of course I will not do that. Jules x
  13. I think that there would be no harm issuing both claims at the same time, they make you wait so long any-way... Just go for it! Jules x
  14. Hi have you heard any-thing yet. Two more days and if you hear nothing you could request judgement. Good luck Jules x
  15. Good luck with that... I have had AQ back for 6 weeks they ask for one month to settle... I have wrote 3 times and called 4 times they still state that they are awaiting instruction from lloyds. The court played into there hands and set the court date for Jan 25th but the asked for my evidence bungle so I sent copies of my evidence to court and to SC&M Monday specail delivery. SC&M have send that they settle iin order of court dates so looks like no money for me despite the on going fight starting in June. Hope you have better look than I have had.... But if I was you I would be
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