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  1. Yes I did exactly that - still not finished yet but they caved in and admitted they had over charged me for two years - They are cheeky really saying they will give me a 'good will gesture' and repay it. They overcharged me and then say repaying it is good will?? urrrr make me soooo annoyed...
  2. I too have been in dispute with my energy supplier EDF who I regard as the worst company I have ever dealt with - They overcharged me by not putting me on the correct tariff or should I say by ending my tariff without telling me and putting me on the highest rates for energy supply without my consent or knowledge. They deadlock things willy nilly and refused to discuss things properly and deadlock cases all the time using the ombudsman - who are also useless and bias - as some sort of get out of jail card. I did not give in or give up and eventually refused to pay my bills and racked up a heavy debt - finally two years later - no thanks to that bias Ombudsman - they admit they have been overcharging me and agree to backdate 500 pond overcharged at least to be knocked off now. Might be in debt - but proved myself right eventually - I could now take the matter further for compensation for all the bother and hassle through the court system but I want rid of this God awful company. Do yourself a favour - avoid them - saying that - energy companies are all the same.
  3. Just to conclude ...so in the end....Comet and all who sailed in her can still suck eggs - I went to the company who made the TV and they replaced it and apologised for the bad service from Comet who got what they deserve in the end.....no customers. The End:-)
  4. Well now my tv that cost a fortune has developed a fault and I am now dealing with comet too....Have to say they are talking pap with the wrong girl. Hell have no fury like this woman without her reality tv to watch. GRRRRRRRRRRR. worst customer services ever! They going to regret messing with me......watch this space.
  5. also thought I would add if you paid for any product on your credit card you also have protection from this under section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act (1) If the debtor under a debtor-creditor-supplier agreement falling within section 12(b) or © has, in relation to a transaction financed by the agreement, any claim against the supplier in respect of a misrepresentation or breach of contract, he shall have a like claim against the creditor, who, with the supplier, shall accordingly be jointly and severally liable to the debtor. Therefore this another avenue to explore for a refund....hope this helps Angela
  6. All meant in the nicest possible way of course...
  7. Why is it ALL these phone companies offer sim only deals with free minutes, texts and internet usage then..they usually specify 1, 2, 3 meg usage etc., ? If you are right Jack then I should just go for the lowest meg usage as they cant tell anyway... I dont know if you read my post properly but I have had an apology from Orange and they have refunded me 20 pounds, or do you think I am lying? Also just my opinion but If someone calls me then I should not be charged at home or abroad because I feel this is unfair... It is also fair to mention not all these phone companies do have these hidden charges for internet use either...Skype is free on 3 for example so Jack here is an analogy for you When in hole stop digging. 8-) Angela..
  8. Phewww, thought it was just me... I complained to Orange about them charging for network usage (data sent and recieved over wi-fi which is not theirs to charge for) and they sent me 20 pound of free credit, however this went in one six minute skype call I (recieved) The Orange network is a rip off and they should inform their customers of these hidden charges on data use when they send you a sim. I am changing to another network as soon as I can like O2 or 3 who provide some good sim only deals I am told...but I think I will just wait and see what the people on this forum reccomend first.
  9. Hello from me too, how do you get an avatar by the way? (i assume you mean the picture of the cat with the gun?)
  10. It depends how long you've had it...but here is my two penneth... I say if its less tan 6 months then the fridge is not fit for purpose and they have to pick it up and replace it as soon as possible and at no cost to yourself... You have up to 6 years to bring a claim in England ....I think its 5 in Scotland... when you write to them via e-mail or letter (recorded delivery) you would probably do well to say something like this... Dear Sir or Madam ....give them details of you and your problem...place and date were you bought it mention you have already rang (give dates and times) and got fobbed off so I am now writing under the Sale of Goods Act 1979 (as ammended) and you would like them to either pick up/repair and/or replace said dodgey fridge within the nezt 14 days at no cost to yourself or issue you with a refund ....(this ammount will be reduced usually (because of the use you have had) but you can always haggle this price if you want a higher refund...keep sending them letters and emails and eventually the re-fund price (if you want one) will rise as a judge would not take kindly to the fact that you have tried to solve the matter and this company has ignored you. The Sale of Goods Act 1979 (as amended) is crucial for consumers because it refers to laws which have extended the basic 1979 Act and using the phrase tells the trader that not only do you know basic consumer law, you know it has been amended too. The Sale of Goods Act lays down several conditions that all goods sold by a trader must meet. The goods must be: as described of satisfactory quality fit for purpose As described refers to any advert or verbal description made by the trader. Satisfactory quality covers minor and cosmetic defects as well as substantial problems. It also means that products must last a reasonable time. But it doesn't give you any rights if a fault was obvious or pointed out to you at point of sale. Fit for purpose covers not only the obvious purpose of an item but any purpose you queried and were given assurances about by the trader. If you buy something which doesn't meet these conditions, you have the potential right to return it, get a full refund, and if it will cost you more to buy similar goods elsewhere, compensation (to cover the extra cost) too. Note, however, that the right to reject goods and get a full refund only lasts for a relatively short time after which a buyer is deemed to have 'accepted' goods. This doesn't mean that the buyer has no legal redress against the seller, just that he/she isn't entitled to a full refund. Instead a buyer is first and foremost entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced. If these remedies are inappropriate, then you're entitled to a suitable price reduction, or to return the goods and get a refund (reduced to take account of any wear and tear). The act covers second-hand items and sales. But if you buy privately, your only entitlement to your money back is if the goods aren't 'as described'. If goods which are expected to last six months don't, it'll be presumed that the goods didn't conform to the contract at the time they were bought, unless the seller can prove to the contrary. In all other situations, it's for the consumer to prove their own case (that is, that the problem existed at the time of the contract). This will prove more difficult the longer you've had the goods. Subject to this, a consumer has six years in England (Ithink it is 5 in Scotland) from the time they buy something in which to make a claim, irrespective of how long the goods actually last. There is of course your home insurance which may also cover the fridge and the food inside that would have gone off....you could also mention theis should it come to making a claim...(frozen lobster is very expensive these days for example...so this is also something to consider) lol Basically be as polite and as professional as possible on the phone but let them know you are serious and you know your rights......hope this helps and keep cool .....(sorry bad joke) Angela:-D
  11. I'M NO MUG! ConsumerActionGroup.co.uk "Just My Cup of Tea!" ........here is my entry.....cheers Angela
  12. Well hellooooo to you too Martin... I pick things up fairly quick but I know not everything...probably one of the few people left that have never had a facebook accout for example and not everyone is internet savy, easy too forget or take for granted in this modern era I know....but I am getting there I read the instructions page a little before I came on which helped a lot! I could say I have read all of your posts too Martin but I would be lying and when I next have another holiday I will try and peruse through a couple of thousand of them at least...lol Do you live on here or own the site perhaps?
  13. :-DWell hello ....hahahaha be nice Scott got some friends .yaaaaaaaaay Nice to meet you Scott and NightOwl Dont know about giving advice night owl it took me a day to learn how to turn on my i phone....(blonde) I actually think from the few posts I have read that there are people on here that know whats what but I am sure I can chuck in my two penneth worth from time to time (when I get the hang of using the site perhaps) Dont worry about the nutters......... I am sure a site like this is moderated properly and I have a daft sense of humour anyway. Angela8)
  14. Well two people care enough to say hi........sigh Its a start...dont let the solicitor tag put you off, we are not all sharks you know...some of us are more heartless than that!
  15. Yes you are right ....bought 20 pound of credit and got a call that came through to me via skype....(They called me and it charged me) 6 mins for 20 quid!!! -----------The great orange rip off----------I have turned off the 3 G pile of poo signal on the phone. I think all these phone companies are runing scared because of skype and VOIP call companies like fring that provide their services free via wi-fi etc., Altered the settings on the I Phone and I will switch networks if anyone can tell me the best plan either sim free or PAY AS U GO ....it will be much apprieciated. And it appears profitable as someone just offered to pay you for doing this comparrision. (What a good site this is) Thanks for the advice all xxx Angie
  16. They should give you a refund if the goods are not as described (if that is what you want) Catolougue companies can be a pain to deal with but keep up with it . If you do have to make a claim it looks bad on them that they never responded to you if it does go to court. Ask them for their address for service in the next letter and see what happens. I must afmit it is a bit easier for me when complaining about a service not being right but everyone should be afforded the same effort in reality because of forums like this one making us more aware as consumers. Good luck...
  17. 700 my God...this company are the pits and its virtually impossible to get through to anyone to complain as they wont put you through. My advice to anyone who reads this is stay away from this company. I hope they crash and burn.
  18. Just though I would post a thread to say hi....Great idea for a site is this and I wish you all well. Anyway I am Angela and thank-you for welcoming me to the site...I had a quick look at some of the threads and there are some knowlegable people on here by the looks of it.
  19. I dont know if I was charged at home but its free wi-fi at work and in the bar I went to tonight and my orange network does charge me. Which I think is shocking. I have complained and will keep the forum informed but I have been on this network 15 years. I am not under any contract and they have told me that they do charge for wi-fi. Although I have asked for them to clarify this and told them just what you say really. Namely they cant charge me for using someone else's wi-fi network because I am not using the 3G network. Trust me I know how to connect my phone as it automatically logs on to wi-fi... Orange customer service told me when I first rang that they dont charge but they have when I rang them the second time they said they do charge...they make it up as they go along if you ask me. I have complained to OFCOM and have written to Orange (They have not responded and did not ring back as they promised) so this is why I made a complaint. Poor really poor service. Sooner I unblock jailbreak they phone the better...can anyone on here recommend the best network to go to (sim only or pay as you go) when you have an i phone 4 please?
  20. Well they did. Although it works at home I cannot connect to any wifi hotspots even if I know the password. I tried it. Orange suck
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