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  1. And who among us wouldn't ALSO ensure that we consumed (at least) £1.80's worth of freebies per hour?! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  2. How ironic then that Alan Carr should die of lung cancer!
  3. Signed... I wish you the best of luck Richard! I understand the hearing date was listed for 28th Jan... Please keep us all posted. For far too long the CRIMINALS in the banking 'profession' have used there power to sway/bully/bribe the government. Criminal acts should be dealt with by way of CRIMINAL sanctions..... (B)ankers should not be 'immune', and several (many) should do a bit of 'porridge', and have all personal assets confiscated.
  4. Spell chucker is a grate reesorce me thinks
  5. All together now!!.... Get a little EXXXXXTRA help from the Halif*x:whoo:
  6. Now 28th March 2013.... Have gone back to BT!. (May be a case of 'out of the frying pan'), but the good old GPO cannot run a decent phone service!!! Come to think of it, their Postal Service ain't too good either! Rant over
  7. "The judge ripped the DCA to shreds in the court room!!! He reduced the £25k I never denied I owed to £1, made me hand over a £1 coin and the DCA had to sign, in front of the judge that the £1 was accepted as PAYMENT IN FULL. The DCA also had to pay ALL court costs which came to just short of £3k (mostly their own fees), and exactly 30 days later....the CCJ vanished from all my credit files! RESULT!!!!!" Now THAT'S the type of Judge we need to see MORE of!... Decisive... Fair... And... To the point! (He could give lessons to 'Judge Judy')
  8. Just finished protracted series of emails to/from my 'new' supplier of phone services (Post Office Telecoms!) All I wanted, was to be able to log into my account and view an 'up-to-date' list of calls I had made/received. Simple you would think?... Noooooo! The BEST I have ever seen from them is 24 hours out of date... The 'norm' is usually around 50 hours! Do the good old Post Office have any appreciation of 'live update' .. Probably.. But can't be *rsed to implement decent systems on us plebs Just nice to get it off my chest:boom:
  9. Hi As 'Conniff' says, the parent company for BOTH Wickes AND Toolstation is Travis perkins. Unfortunately, I can't yet post links either BUT: If you go to the Travis Perkins website, (http://travisperkins.co.uk) and put the product code below in the 'search box', You will see that THEY market this item as: 'Iflo Bilbao Monobloc'... Product Code 659495. Given that TP have only ONE version of this tap, AND that they supply BOTH companies. Then I think that Wickes would have a hard time showing a difference (:rant:Other than the scandalous price difference, of course ) Again, as Conniff says, email TP's CEO. It would be useful if, when you do, you include all three page links which show the CLEARLY IDENTICAL item on ALL THREE! Good Luck
  10. Thanks Bankfodder, ukaviator and alanfromderby. Email received that card will be with me in the next few days. I'm Looking forawrd to setting this little baby up, and I'll post my experiences/results in a week or too. Much obliged to you all. Regards... Dave
  11. admin Not replying to email! I bought one of these machines (As recommended in the May 2012 Newsletter), and sent off my receipt to admin... I've heard nothing! Does anyone know how to obtain the memory card from CAG please?
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