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  1. hi it was a neighbour that said I would have to pay full rent,iwas wanting to know how much rent and council tax I will have to pay ,also my daughter wont get carers allowance once she starts work,as she will be earning to much
  2. hi can someone tell me if I have to pay rent my daughter is starting work and her wage is £18000 per year,iam on dla middle rate and esa,I get£125 esa and £305 per month dla all in I get £201 per week ,my daughter is 22,and I was told she would have to pay my full rent and council tax,my rent is £69 per week
  3. hi my daughter has been awarded carers allowance for looking after me she has been awarded £61.35 can she also claim incolme support or will she just be able to claim carers allowance,she does not work she is 21 years old
  4. no she only pays £15 a week travelling I will just have to find out what dates her last payment covers,dont know how I will find that out
  5. I think she graduates some time in june the date she doesn't know yet
  6. she doesn't know she just said her last payment is on the 7th may
  7. with her student loan and bursary she is getting £175 a week just now but her last payment is on the 7th may does she put in a claim for carers allowance from the 7th of may
  8. sorry forgot to add I get low mobility and middle care
  9. hi andyorch she has been careing for me while at college she lives with me it is just my daughter and me who live in house
  10. hi wonder if someone can help my daughter finishes college on may this year ,her last bursary payment is on the 7th of may,she will be applying for carers allowance to look after me ,when will she be entitled to claim for me it asks on form what date does she want to claim from,she doesn't know what date to put on form as her last payment is 7th may,also she does not get her results till the end of may or early june .thanks
  11. hi iam in the support group,and sent my esa50 back three months ago and I also have not heard anything
  12. i have been awarded low mobility and middle care dla,i received a letter to claim severe disability premium,my daughter lives with me and is at college,i don't claim for carers allowance,someone told me I will not get sdp because my daughter lives with me,is this true,she is 21
  13. hi someone just told me dla will change to pip October 2013 and I could get accessed then
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